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Local real estate broker named one of best in country

Long hours pay off for local woman
Rylan Boggs

Blue Mountain Eagle

Published on July 25, 2017 5:41PM

Julie Mansfield Smith and her husband, Brad, stand for a photo at their ranch outside Kimberly Tuesday, July 18.

The Eagle/Rylan Boggs

Julie Mansfield Smith and her husband, Brad, stand for a photo at their ranch outside Kimberly Tuesday, July 18.

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Julie Mansfield Smith runs a one-woman operation.

Her real estate brokerage, Cupper Creek Land Company, was just named one of America’s best by the Land Report.

“Being named a best brokerage by the Land Report is an incredible honor,” Mossy Oak Properties, Inc., CEO Chris Hawley said. “It is an honor based not only on the success a company has, but also their reputation in the land brokerage industry.”

Though she doesn’t deal in the same volume as other brokerages that won the award, she said she makes up for it in sheer work ethic.

Smith will wake up as early as 3 a.m. and put in 80 hour weeks. The long days are necessary to cover the amount of ground she does. She works in Grant, Wheeler, Umatilla and Morrow counties, but can sell anywhere in the state.

“I can go anywhere in Oregon, but there is only one of me,” she said.

She tries to work within a two- to three-hour radius of her home and office near Kimberly.

“I get pulled in a lot of directions, and I’m not complaining, but I don’t know how my workload could get any easier unless I hired people,” she said.

Her husband, Brad, is getting his real estate license to join her team and help her show properties.

“He’s a chick magnet, so I’m sure those little old ladies are going to be liking him,” she said.

The couple spent decades managing ranches before going into real estate. This experience has become invaluable in selling rural properties.

“All that experience I went through, and never got paid, it’s coming back to me now because when I got my license I was already familiar with a lot of what I needed to know,” Julie said.

She deals strictly with rural properties.

There is a huge market for land, she said, because it is limited, and people are wanting to get out of the city and invest in property.

“Everybody wants to be out on a boat, out in the country, to be quiet and walk in the timber,” Julie said. “And if they can buy that, they get so excited.”


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