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County Court minutes 04-16-14

Published on April 30, 2014 10:57AM


Pursuant to notice made to the newspaper of general circulation throughout Grant County, the radio station in Grant County and e-mail distribution list, a regular meeting of the County Court was held at the County Courthouse in Canyon City OR.

8:00 am -- Call to Order. Present were Commissioners Boyd Britton and Chris B. Labhart, Secretary Mary Ferrioli, and Flora Cheadle. Judge Myers was excused to attend a funeral in Salem. A Pledge of Allegiance was given to the US flag. The invocation was given by Flora Cheadle.

AGENDA. The court had been asked to consider a request by Assessor Burton to have a resolution signed today approving an Oregon Department of Revenue A & T grant application submission. MSP: Labhart/Britton -- to accept the agenda with deleting the RV Park discussion since it was addressed in Budget Committee yesterday and setting a 9:30 am time for the Jail nursing-medical discussion.


Britton would attend the Collaborative Group’s “meet and greet” this Thursday at the airport. Recently he’s been in conversations with individuals about extending the public comment period for the Blue Mountains Forests Plan Revision.

Labhart drove the VA van to Boise and attended the Library Board meeting last Thursday. Friday he attended an AOC Veterans Committee Open House in The Dalles and attended the Library Foundation dinner and fundraiser last Sunday. Monday he attended the EOCCO board meeting in Pendleton and a Budget Committee meeting. Tuesday evening he was at the SBHC public forum held at GUHS. Labhart had visited with Fair Manager Mary Weaver earlier this morning to apologize for his misunderstanding about visiting with the fair before asking the Park and Recreation District about an option to possibly take over ground maintenance for the RV Park and fairgrounds.

The Extension & 4H Service District Budget Committee meeting will be held May 7 at 1 pm.

MINUTES. MSP: Britton/Labhart -- to approve the April 9 minutes as amended.

8:20 am – Brooks Smith and Sue Horn entered

PUBLIC COMMENT. Public Forest Commissioner Brooks Smith was present to discuss the need to extend the Blue Mountains Forest Plan Revision public comment period. He had heard an extension may have already been approved, but didn’t know for sure. He’s hoping for a 90 day extension. Brooks expressed concern about allowing the public more time to recommend adjustments so problems with the revision can be addressed. Smith believed the process should be slowed down so professional and public concerns about issues such as forest health and sustained yield would be considered. Britton recited a short letter he drafted to the Forest Service. Smith shared a sample letter he’s working on about extending the comment period. The court encouraged Brooks to send a separate letter to the Forest Service. Some discussion took place about other forest issues such as ongoing federal legislation the possibility of a sale involving the Elliott State Forest.

8:30 am – Lane Burton and Jim Sproul entered

ASSESSOR. Assessor Lane Burton entered the meeting to ask if the court would sign a Resolution Submitting the Oregon Department of Revenue A & T Grant application which he said was due May 1. Burton was told the decision to sign the resolution would go on next week’s agenda, since it had not been included in today’s agenda. Some other discussion took place about current activities within Burton’s office and the number of liens that exist against the vacant corner property in Mt. Vernon.

ROAD DEPARTMENT. Road Master Sue Horn recommended signing the 2014 Quote and Specifications for emulsified asphalt, bituminous distributor, and freight for low bidder Idaho Asphalt as follows: CMS-2P 175 Ton, Unit Price $555.00; CRS-2P 175 Ton, Unit Price $523.00; CRS-1P (fog seal) 44 Ton, $378.00; bituminous distributor 219 Ton, Unit Price $20.00; and freight 219 Ton, Unit Price $33.50. A fuel surcharge schedule and comparative summary of quotes was provided detailing the Albina Asphalt quote (without CMS-2P bid). She said that chip sealing on CR 20 is tentatively scheduled between May and the end of June. Horn said she would not hesitate with either company and was comfortable accepting the low bid. MSP: Labhart/Britton -- to accept the Idaho Asphalt Quote and Specifications for chip seal oil in the amount of $121,131.00 as recommended by the Road Master.

8:50 am – News Reporter Scotta Callister and Hank Lissman entered

Horn and the court discussed the county’s Rock Sales Policy. She provided a copy for review and said that rock sales had stopped for some reason a few years ago. Horn felt the policy was unclear and thought the high cost of rock sales and hauling to the Ritter area could be addressed. She didn’t think the time and expense to haul rock to remote areas was practical for most people. Horn recommended taking out language that refers to the county hauling for someone else. Britton asked for and received clarification about how rock would be obtained. Labhart suggested an adjustment to language about reduced rock supplies and recommended firming up and further clarifying the policy. Britton recommended the old policy be made more precise with specific language about how the loading and hauling would be done. He pointed out that what the county does for one, it must do for all. Britton suggested that Horn also contact legal counsel about policy language if she felt that was needed. Horn agreed that rock sales in “remote areas” of the county should not be in competition with private industry. Horn planned to bring other old department policies to the court (one at a time) for review and approval as time permits. She added that the Court Secretary offered to assist in the process of standardizing the language and format of Road Department policies.

Scotta Callister, a resident in the Middle Fork, agreed with the high cost of having rock hauled to the Middle Fork. She reported on public activity she has seen take place at the county rock pit in that area.

Horn recommended signature on the 2014 Oregon Federal Lands Access Program Preventative Maintenance Proposal for the Middle Fork Road chip seal project. Chip sealing would be over 40.29 miles and the total estimated project cost is $996,959.00. Of that amount, $500,000.00 would be the Federal Lands Access funds portion; $445,609.00 would be the ODOT/Grant County Road Funds portion, and the required local match would be $51,350.00. MSP: Britton /Labhart -- to authorize Judge Myers to sign the Oregon Federal Lands Access Program Preventive Maintenance Proposal Form for the Middle Fork Road Chip Seal Project in the amount of $500,000.00. MSP: Britton/Labhart – to allow Commissioner Labhart to sign (due to time sensitivity) just in case Judge Myers isn’t available tomorrow.

8:55 am -- Kathy Stinnett and Kathy Smith entered

JUSTICE OF THE PEACE. Justice of the Peace Kathy Stinnett requested approval to have Nate Hughes install a Secure Payment Drop Box next to the Justice Court security window. She displayed the box and said it could be used when the office is closed or the Clerk is busy or away from the office. The box has been donated by Frank & Kathy Stinnett and has an approximate value of $200. Stinnett had already checked with Nate Hughes who thought it could be securely fastened at the proposed location. Discussion followed about receiving credit card payments, Stinnett’s comfort level with accepting payments drop box, use of the key, and storage of a duplicate key. MSP: Labhart/Britton -- to approve installation of the Secure Payment Drop Box for Justice Court by Nate Hughes as proposed.

Stinnett reported that Alternate JP Pro-Tem Terry Farrell has resigned effective immediately. The new appointee will need to pay OJPA dues and attend 30 hours CLE per year pursuant to ORS 51.245. JP Clerk Jamie McKay plans to attend the OJPA Fall Conference this year instead of the Court Administrators Fall Conference and would attend at least one OJPA Conference each year to satisfy the CLE requirement. Discussion took place about the timing for appointing McKay who has been JP Clerk now for about one and one-half years. MSP: Britton/Labhart -- to accept the resignation of Alternate JP Pro-Tem Terry Farrell. MSP: Britton/Labhart -- to appoint Jamie McKay as Alternate JP Pro-Tem for the remainder of 2014.

Stinnett requested permission to attend the National Judicial College in Reno NV June 2 – 12 specifically to take the “Special Court Jurisdiction” course. Costs were estimated to be registration ($495), tuition ($1,595), 12 nights lodging ($900), meals ($260), mileage ($500), and parking ($100) for a total cost of $3,850.00. Stinnett explained the college is highly regarded and the course she would take is geared toward Justice Courts. She anticipated that funds would be available from scholarships provided by her association and the Judicial College. If approved, Stinnett would apply for the scholarships and could take any balance out of her travel budget for FY13-14 or FY 14-15. Treasurer Kathy Smith provided detail on the likely budget transfers that would happen in that case. MSP: Britton/Labhart -- to allow Judge Stinnett to apply for the scholarships and attend National Judicial College in Reno with a per diem policy waiver, if necessary. MSP: Labhart/Britton -- to allow Judge Stinnett to for OJPA and NJC scholarships, and allow the fund transfers either this year or next year as described.

Stinnett provided an update on the JP Court remodel project, current plans for holding jury trials on the docket, and progress she’s made on the backlog of pending cases and warrants.

DOC INMATES. Court members reviewed and signed IGA No. 4712 with Oregon Department of Corrections to provide short term housing of up to 20 state inmates at the Jail. The rate for detention services is $65.00 per DOC inmate per day not-to-exceed $150,000.00 over the five year term. MSP: Labhart/Britton -- to sign IGA No. 4712 with Oregon Department of Corrections as presented.

EXTENSION DISTRICT ADVISORY COUNCIL. The court considered applications submitted by Mark Witty and Vernita Ediger to fill vacancies on the Extension & 4H Service District Advisory Council. Witty also agreed to serve on the Extension District Budget Committee. MSP: Labhart /Britton -- to appoint Mark Witty to the Extension & 4H Service District Advisory Council for the term expiring December 31, 2015. MSP: Labhart/Britton – to appoint Mark Witty to the Extension District Budget Committee for the term expiring December 31, 2015. MSP: Britton/Labhart -- to appoint Vernita Ediger to serve on the Extension & 4H Service District Advisory Council for a term expiring December 31 2016.

9:30 am – Larry Pierce entered for the RV Park discussion, but left once he learned the matter had been resolved yesterday at the Budget Committee meeting.

JAIL NURSING-MEDICAL SERVICES. The court discussed their proposal to contract with Community Counseling Solutions (CCS) to provide nursing-medical services for jail inmates. Blue Mountain Hospital District previously informed the county it would discontinue providing those services on May 1, 2014. A conference call was conducted with CCS Director Kimberly Lindsay. Previously she had been given a sample agreement and responded by email. Lindsay proposed to provide the services of R.N. Lindsay Madden (and F.N.P. Karen Triplett when needed) at an average of either 2 hours or 3 hours a week at an hourly rate of $54.00. Lindsay explained that Madden is now salaried at 32 hours per week and is very busy, so her FTE and salary would need to increase to accommodate the additional hours of service. Lindsay expressed concern about the need for additional revenue, but felt a flat monthly rate could cover the cost of Madden’s increased FTE. Britton thought 3 hours was sufficient to cover the time needed to provide this service. He proposed entering into a new contract with CCS, then revisiting the terms and conditions in about 6 months. With regard to 2 hours per week versus 3 hours per week, Lindsay stated it would be easier to increase hours and salary rather than to decrease them. Labhart and Lindsay talked about a future possibility of Madden renewing her FNP license and how that may or may not impact the contract (depending on the capacity of service provided). Lindsay felt the county’s contract form that was previously used with Blue Mountain Hospital District was suitable for a contract with CCS. The Court Secretary agreed to prepare the new contract for review and signature by the parties prior to May 1st. Lindsay said she would visit with her staff and the jail manager to discuss further details for the delivery of contract services.

9:50 am -- Adjourned

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary R. Ferrioli

County Court Secretary

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