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County Court minutes 05-21-14

Published on May 28, 2014 12:57PM


Pursuant to notice made to the newspaper of general circulation throughout Grant County, the radio station in Grant County and e-mail distribution list, a regular meeting of the County Court was held at the County Courthouse in Canyon City OR.

9:00 am -- Call to Order. Present were Judge Scott W. Myers, Commissioners Boyd Britton and Chris B. Labhart, Secretary Mary Ferrioli, Jim Sproul and Pastor Dave Hoeffner. A Pledge of Allegiance was given to the United States flag. The invocation was given by Pastor Hoeffner.

CLAIMS. The court had approved claims and Extension District Warrant Nos. 155 to 160

AGENDA. MSP: Myers/Britton -- to accept the agenda as presented. Britton asked to add a letter next week to the Oregon Geographic Names Board endorsing name changes.

9:05 am – Larry Blasing entered


Britton reported on recent meetings of the Farm Bureau and Stock Growers where there was discussion about Bovine Trich disease. He’ll be at next week’s court meeting only until about 10:30 am because he is participating in a Canyon Meadows Dam meeting with the Governor’s office, Senator Ron Wyden’s office, ODFW, and possibly OPRD to see if the resource can be saved. He added that Doug Ferguson and Sue Horn have been invited to attend. Britton and Rob Stewart participated in a TEC Budget Committee phone conference at the Planning Department last week.

Myers had attended an airport taxiway project pre-construction meeting with Knife River Monday at 1 pm, followed by the last 45 minutes of the EOCA phone conference at the Courthouse, then an Airport Commission meeting at 6 pm. Last Wednesday afternoon Myers met with DEQ Deputy Director Joni Hammond and regional representatives Linda Hayes-Gorman and Randy Jones. Yesterday afternoon he was at Bates Pond for an interesting discussion with OPRD and ODFW about fish passage and possibly re-routing fish around the Pond.

Labhart attended the Blue Mountain Hospital board meeting last Thursday, the John Day Seniors lunch Thursday and Monday, and participated in an EOCA phone conference on Monday. Yesterday, he attended the Canyon City Council meeting. This Thursday Labhart will attend the OHSU Rural Campus Tour at Blue Mountain Hospital and will drive the VA van to Boise on Friday. Saturday, Labhart will attend Senator Ron Wyden’s Town Hall meeting at the airport at 5 pm and a Blue Mountain Hospital compliance meeting on Tuesday.

MINUTES. MSP: Myers/Britton -- to approve the May 14 minutes as amended.

9:20 am -- Dave Traylor, King Williams and Sally Bartlett entered

PUBLIC COMMENT. Dave Traylor suggested that he could create a sign to hang on the west wall of the courtroom that commemorates the county is named after General U.S. Grant. He also suggested that signs be posted – on Hwy 26 at Luce Creek Road and at the Transfer Station entrance -- stating “No Uncovered Loads Will Be Accepted.” Myers said the county could provide and post signs on the highway. Myers had already spoken with Farrell Clark about the county’s need to have the uncovered load penalty fee enforced. Some discussion followed about Britton’s suggestion that, rather than turning people away, the uncovered load surcharge be increased from $4.00 to $25.00. King Williams thought it was important to clearly define what “covered” means and make sure that is well known. He felt that could be addressed whenever language in the Transfer Station Lease and Operations Plan is modified. Larry Blasing felt turning away uncovered loads could encourage people to dump their trash somewhere else.

Public Forest Commissioner King Williams had attended the EOCA conference call with Roger Lord on Monday. He pointed out that he was sorely disappointed with Mr. Lord’s response. Williams believed -- after years of paying this consultant to prepare and produce an analysis for the counties -- Mr. Lord should be able to provide us with direction and guidance on the major issues, rather than continuing to ask counties to provide him with information. He added that as far as he’s aware, Mr. Lord has given the county no assessment or analysis as requested. Britton would need to find out more details, but said he was positive Mr. Lord would soon provide something to the counties. Williams and Blasing stressed that now is the time the counties need direction and guidance from Mr. Lord, since we’re 60 days into a 90 day public comment period. Public Forest Commissioner Blasing expressed interest in receiving copies of any comment letters from the counties, or Mr. Lord, on the Revised Forest Plan. Blasing stressed the importance of keeping as many acres as possible within the forest system.

9:40 am -- Christy Rheu Waldner, Ashley McClay and Cleo McCluskey entered

MANDATORY MEDIATION. Family Law Mediator Christy Rheu Waldner presented an overview describing the components of the county’s domestic relations mandatory mediation program. This required process is associated with divorce or child custody legal actions. Ashley McClay and Cleo McCluskey were also present from the DA’s office. Waldner currently provides mediation services under contract by Circuit Court and County Court. She provided information about the parent orientation and education pre-session and the opportunity parents are given to make important parenting decisions during the mediation process.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. Economic Development Coordinator Sally Bartlett presented for signature a USDA Rural Business Enterprise Grant Application requesting $13,000.00 to support a feasibility study for an entrepreneur who wants to open a bicycle touring company in John Day, and development of a marketing plan and tool kit for an entrepreneur from the Kimberly area. The $13,000.00 match would come from the personnel services line within her department’s budget. MSP: Labhart/Myers -- to authorize Judge Myers to sign the RBEG 2014 Application for Federal Assistance Grant County Jobs Project II and Ms. Bartlett to submit the application.

INDUSTRIAL PARK. The court considered the City of John Day’s request for a letter of support regarding their proposed economic development project to supply power to additional lots at the Industrial Park. The city would like to further develop the park with conduits and vaults to supply power to the rest of the lots so they become “shovel ready” sties. Greater Eastern Oregon Development Corp requested prioritized projects that may qualify for state or federal funding, if available in 2014. Economic Development Coordinator Sally Bartlett said the project would be on the priority list with GEODC Community Development Strategy and Regional Solutions. A draft letter of support was to be provided for the court’s signature in the near future.

JUSTICE COURT. Court members considered a request from Justice of the Peace Kathy Stinnett to have a raised platform for the Judge’s desk constructed by Nate Hughes at an approximate cost of $387.00. The platform would elevate the Judge’s desk 7 inches, have an overall size of 8 feet x 9 ½ feet, and provide an area for wiring to run for the Judge’s panic button. Materials to be used include 2 x 6 and ¾ inch plywood with 1 x 8 trim and an overlay of carpet squares. MSP: Myers/Britton -- to authorize Nate Hughes to construct a raised platform for the Justice of the Peace’s desk as requested by Judge Stinnett.

EOCCO. The court considered applications submitted by Nicole Coe representing Advantage Dental / Medicaid patients, and Robert Waltenburg representing Grant ESD and the Dayville area to serve on the Eastern Oregon Coordinated Care Organization Local Community Advisory Committee. MSP: Myers/Labhart -- to appoint Nicole Coe to serve on the local Community Advisory Committee. MSP: Myers/Labhart -- to appoint Robert Waltenburg to serve on the local Community Advisory Committee.

ADA PARKING. The court considered a second quote received from Ron Williams of Top-Loc in Burns to paint / stripe ADA parking spaces at county buildings. Myers said that Top-Loc’s total cost was also $250.00 because Williams’ bid pricing sheet is based on the one used by Nate Hughes of A+ Striping. Some discussion followed about the Fair Manager’s recent inquiry about re-painting the ADA parking space at the Pavilion and having an appropriate ADA space created in front of Keerins Hall. MSP: Britton/Myers -- to award the contract to A+ Striping.

BLUE MOUNTAIN BROADCASTING. Court members reviewed an Amendment to the July 1, 2009 Agreement with Blue Mountain Broadcasting, Inc. The amendment extends the lease term through June 30, 2019 to operate a radio broadcasting station and maintain a radio tower, using a portion of Keerins Hall on the Grant County fairgrounds. MSP: Labhart/Myers -- to authorize Judge Myers to sign the Amendment to the Agreement with Blue Mountain Broadcasting.

MENTAL HEALTH FINANCING. The court reviewed and approved Amendment No. 4 to Oregon Health Authority IGA for the financing of Community Addictions and Mental Health Services Agreement No. 141411. The amendment modifies the flexible funding to service description MHS Special Projects. MSP: Labhart/Myers -- to authorize Judge Myers to sign Amendment No. 4 to Oregon Health Authority IGA for the financing of Community Addictions and Mental Health Services Agreement No. 141411.

COMMUNITY CORRECTIONS FINANCING. The court reviewed and approved Amendment No. 1 to Oregon Department of Corrections IGA No. 4862 to supplement IGA No. 4541 Measure 57 Grant in Aid funds to assist in the treatment and supervision of individuals who have committed Measure 57 property crimes. MSP: Labhart/Myers -- to authorize Judge Myers to sign Amendment No. 1 to Oregon Department of Corrections IGA No. 4862 to supplement IGA No. 4541.

10:55 am -- Adjourned

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary R. Ferrioli

County Court Secretary

To access County Court Minutes from 2009 to present go to the County Commissioners page at www.gcoregonlive2.com.


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