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County Court minutes 07-23-14

Published on July 30, 2014 2:46PM


Pursuant to notice made to the newspaper of general circulation throughout Grant County, the radio station in Grant County and e-mail distribution list, a regular meeting of the County Court was held at the County Courthouse in Canyon City OR.

9:00 am -- Call to Order. Present were Judge Scott W. Myers, Commissioners Boyd Britton and Chris B. Labhart, Secretary Mary Ferrioli, ODFW Fish Biologist Jeff Neal, Malheur NF Deputy Supervisor Steve Beverlin, Jim Sproul and Pastor Marcie Collins. A Pledge of Allegiance was given to the United States flag. The invocation was given by Pastor Collins.

CLAIMS. The court had approved claims and Extension District Warrant Nos. 190-193

AGENDA. MSP: Myers/Britton -- to accept the today’s agenda as presented


Labhart had lunch with the John Day Senior Citizens last Thursday, and Monday he attended a School-Based Health Center meeting. He participated in a Community Forum for the Oregon State Health Improvement Plan in Pendleton yesterday. Today he has an LCAC meeting at noon. Thursday he’ll attend an all day Blue Mountain Hospital Strategic Planning meeting and a hospital board meeting in the evening. This Friday Labhart will drive the VA van to Boise; Monday he has a Blue Mountain Hospital Compliance meeting.

Myers will travel to Lakeview Heights in Heppner tomorrow to meet with CCS Director Kimberly Lindsay and County Judges from Morrow, Gilliam and Wheeler counties to review and discuss how health services are being provided. Myers reported on the status of the Sunflower Wildfire which he traveled to, just outside Monument, with Undersheriff McKinley on Monday.

Britton recently had a meeting with Susan Jane Brown about the stewardship contract, collaboration, and potential county actions. He also attended a Blue Mountains Forest Partners meeting that afternoon.

MINUTES. Britton asked to delay the minutes until next week so he has an opportunity to make changes to discussion on the Cramer Sciences Fish Study and the Public Access Advisory Board. The court agreed to post-pone the minutes until next week.

9:10 am – Brooks Smith, Dan Driscoll, and News Reporter Scotta Callister entered

PUBLIC COMMENT. ODFW Fish Biologist Jeff Neal was asked by Labhart to give an overview on the status of Canyon Meadows Dam. He said it’s being continued in a “moth ball” state of condemned storage because of the failing dam. He explained that 8 or 9 public recreation reservoirs around the state are receiving repairs this year. Neal added it’s hard for us to compete with other sites for $2 million to fix Canyon Meadows dam. Britton had in the past proposed that the county consider taking over ownership of the Dam; thereby, relieving ODFW of the responsibility. Britton also previously set up a meeting with the Forest Service (who owns the land on which the dam sits) ODFW, OPRD and interested Grant County citizens including Doug Ferguson of Ferguson Surveying & Engineering. This meeting was held to discuss the possibilities and potential problems of the county could possibly be taking on over the dam.

He indicated that the 3 alternatives are: 1.) to repair it at $5 Million, 2.) to repair it and install a fish ladder, and 3.) to remove and replace the dam. Britton believed the dam repair could actually be done by the county at a much lower cost. Britton commented that the upcoming meeting with Keith Mills (OWEB Dam Inspector) and Ferguson Engineering would provide more insight on the future of the dam.

9:35 am – Larry Blasing entered

FISH STOCKING. ODFW Fish Biologist Jeff Neal provided a Power Point presentation called “Fishing in Grant County Lakes” and distributed a written 2014 Summary “Fish Stocking in the John Day District.” Prairie Springs Fish Farm owner Dan Driscoll was present, among others. Neal answered a variety of questions from those present about methods of stocking, types of fish being stocked and their survivability, and the location of stocked sites -- Bull Prairie Reservoir, Aldrich Ponds, Magone Lake, Holliday Park Pond, Cavender Pond, Anson Wright Ponds, Brandon’s Pond, Long Creek Pond, Lost Lake, Mc Haley Pond, Morrow County Ponds, Olive Lake, Rowe Creek Reservoir, PWS Ponds, 7th Street Pond, Wylie Gulch Pond, Poison Creek Reservoir, Jump off Joe Lake, Trout Farm Pond, Tipton Pond, Screen Shop Pond, and Twin Ponds. Neal also talked about ODFW’s future plans to improve fish size and numbers, unproductive lakes and ponds, and access for the public. Driscoll advocated taking action to stock triploid steelhead in the South Fork John Day River to enhance the resource and local economic development. The court suggested that ODFW place more signage and detailed maps to better identify the locations of our fishing opportunities.

FOREST PLAN REVISION. Public Forest Commissioner Larry Blasing talked about comments being prepared by the Commission which he provided to the County Court for sharing with other eastern Oregon counties. Eastern Oregon Counties Association will meet in John Day on August 1 at the airport. Blasing felt, rather than rebuilding this large, complex plan for all three forests, each forest should have their own individual plan. Blasing said the research on which they are relaying is about 20 years old. The Commission will be providing additional information that can be used after the public comment period. Public Forest Commissioner Brooks Smith said a lot of work remains to be done; the Forest Service needs to do new analysis and also discuss impacts on the local communities. Smith noted that collaboration on comments has been going on by the different interest groups.

PUBLIC ACCESS ADVISORY BOARD. Last week the court revised a draft resolution establishing a Public Access Advisory Board pursuant to Ordinance 2013-01 Exhibit A. Today some discussion took place about the court’s process for accepting and reviewing applications from persons interested in what’s best for Grant County, whether local citizens or not. Court members noted that, without the involvement of outside people, the entire collaborative process and stewardship project could not have succeeded. Britton suggested that legal counsel be asked for provide more clarity about the purpose and intent of the advisory board. Labhart suggested adding “and the Grant County Court” to paragraph 4; Myers and Britton agreed. Today, Myers planned to send the resolution to legal counsel for wording suggestions. The court agreed with moving forward with the proposed public advertisement as presented.

AIRPORT COMMISSION BY-LAWS. Last week the court reviewed the revised Grant County Regional Airport Commission By-Laws which had been recommended for signature at the Commission meeting on July 14. Today the document was signed by all court members.

MSP: Labhart/Myers-- to adopt the Grant County Regional Airport By-Laws as presented.

REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS. The court reviewed a draft Request for Qualifications to seek professional consulting services to conduct a feasibility assessment to locate and install an elevator at the Courthouse and a draft Notice for publication in the Daily Journal of Commerce and the Bend Bulletin. The RFQ packet contains a Cover Page; Table of Contents; Summary; Complete Proposal; Exhibit A: Statement of Work, Scope of Services, Requirements, Evaluation Process, General Information; Exhibit B: Proposed Project Schedule; Exhibit C: Pass / Fail Criteria; and Exhibit D: Evaluation Score Sheet. Labhart suggested the RFQ documents be reviewed and approved for release after the project time line “waiting period” dates have been received. Myers and Britton agreed. Britton added that he would be voting no on this RFQ for the Courthouse elevator.

COMMUNITY CORRECTIONS. At the recommendation of Community Corrections Director Dean Hoodenpyl the court reviewed and signed Intergovernmental Agreement No. 4862 with Oregon Department of Corrections to provide supplemental funds for the treatment of drug-addicted persons. MSP: Myers/Britton – to circulate for signature the Intergovernmental Agreement No. 4862 with Oregon Department of Corrections as presented.

11:30 am -- Adjourned

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary R. Ferrioli

County Court Secretary

To access County Court Agendas, and Minutes 2009 to present, go to the County Commissioners page at www.gcoregonlive2.com.


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