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Grant County Court minutes: Aug. 29, 2018

Approved minutes of the Grant County Court meeting.

Published on September 12, 2018 3:19PM

Grant County Court minutes from Aug. 29, 2018:

Pursuant to notice made to the newspaper of general circulation throughout Grant County, the radio station, county website, and e-mail distribution list, a regular meeting of the County Court was held at the County Courthouse in Canyon City, OR.

9:00 am -- Call to Order. Present were Judge Scott W. Myers, Commissioners Jim Hamsher and Rob Raschio, Administrative Assistant Laurie Wright, John Morris, Jim Spell, Dan Morrow, Haley Walker, Reporter Logan Bagett, Reporter Rick Hanners, Rick Minster, Billie Joe George, Judy Kerr, Frances Preston, Dave Traylor Steve Beverlin and Larry Sanderfeld. A Pledge of Allegiance was given to the United States Flag.

CLAIMS. The court had reviewed and approved claims and extension district warrants #21-23 on August 22nd.

HAND CHECKS. The court approved a hand check for the carnival on August 20th and a hand check for DOT grant match on August 27th.

AGENDA. MSP: Myers/Hamsher -- to accept the agenda as presented.

ANNOUNCEMENTS. Judge Myers attended a teleconference hearing in Circuit Court on August 10th for Palmer v. Grant County. On Monday the 14th he attended an IGC meeting at the John Day Fire Hall and performed a wedding on August 15th. He went to a Mental Health Advisory Board meeting on the 22nd and also approve claims that day. Myers traveled to Baker City on August 23rd to meet with the Eastern Oregon Counties Association to discuss objections to the Blue Mountain Forest Plan Revision and reported the court sent in objections as well. On August 30th he will attend a Heritage Foundation meeting and on Friday he and Laurie Wright will have a conference call with Kimberly Lindsay of CCS to discuss hiring a public health administrator per state mandate.

9:05 am Dan Becker entered.

Commissioner Hamsher also met with the EOCA regarding objections on August 23rd. Since the last court meeting he has worked on the NPRA Rodeo, bullfighting during the Fair and assisted with the Junior Rodeo last weekend. Hamsher has continued to work on funding for the water issues in Prairie City and to get landowner agreements in place. Hamsher has continued to speak with constituents about concerns they have.

Commissioner Raschio attended the Fair and said the Fair Board did a fantastic job of putting the event together and his family had a great time. On the 21st Raschio spent some time with Commissioner Mark Owen of Harney County to discuss the Forest Plan Revision. He met with constituents over the last couple of weeks to listen to their concerns. Raschio will be attending a preliminary meeting with stakeholders as a representative of the County, including the City of John Day, to develop a plan for a new pool. This Friday he is planning a retirement party for Kerry Allen, his longtime legal assistant, and wanted to thank her on the record for all her great work over the years.

MINUTES. MSP: Myers/Hamsher -- to approve the August 15th minutes as presented.

9:10 am King Williams entered.

BUDGET RESOLUTION 18-23. The court reviewed Resolution 18-23 to receive $3000 in grant funds from the State of Oregon to purchase children’s books for the library. Myers read the Resolution to those in attendance. MSP: Myers/Raschio -- to approve Resolution 18-23 and circulate for signatures.

ASSESSOR – ORDER 2018-02. Assessor David Thunell submitted an Order to the court designating a newspaper of record for the annual foreclosure of tax liens. This is an Order that is completed annually and required by law. Myers read the Order to those in attendance. MSP: Myers/Raschio -- to approve Order 2018-02 and circulate for signatures.

COMMUNITY CORRECTIONS. The court reviewed a proposed contract with Vigilnet America LLC to provide ankle monitoring services for prisoners who have been released. Raschio said this is a good practice for the county to enter into, especially for low level offenders. MSP: Myers/Raschio -- to approve the contract with Vigilnet America LLC and circulate for signatures.

PUBLIC HEARING – ORDINANCE 2018-02. Myers opened the public hearing at 9:15 am. The court held the second public hearing for Ordinance 2018-02 – In the Matter of Adopting a Reduced Redemption Period for Tax Foreclosed Properties. There are currently two properties that have been foreclosed on that are in the redemption period and are dangerous and nuisance properties. Myers read the title of the Ordinance to those in attendance.

Opposed: None.

In-Favor: Dan Morrow is in favor. Judy Kerr is in favor.

MSP: Rascho/Myers -- to adopt Ordinance 2018-02 and circulate for signatures.

MSP: Raschio/Myers – to close the hearing.

TERMINATION OF EASEMENT. The court reviewed a proposed Termination of Easement requested by the Malheur National Forest. This easement is a public road easement for Laycock Creek Road 49. Grant County transferred jurisdiction of this road to the Forest Service in 2000. Forest Supervisor Steve Beverlin requested termination of the easement to clean up the jurisdiction of the road in county records. Myers said according to the Roadmaster the county has not invested any funding or maintained this road in many years and termination of this easement does not impede public use. MSP: Raschio/Myers -- to approve termination of the easement and circulate for signatures.

9:23 am The court took a short break. 9:31 am Shannon Springer entered.

9:34 am Elaine Smith entered. 9:35 am The court returned to session.

PLANNING DEPARTMENT. Planning Assistant Shannon Springer presented a request to the court for a road name along with Resolution 18-24 to name the road. Springer explained the County Ordinance 92-03 that allows naming of a road in the interest of public safety. The road name of Lake Creek Camp Road had been requested by a petition signed by road users of this road. Springer explained naming a road does not obligate the county in any way for maintenance or liability. Myers read Resolution 18-24 to those in attendance. MSP: Hamsher/Raschio -- to approve Resolution 18-24 and name the road Lake Creek Camp Road. Hamsher believes that naming the road increases public safety for emergency response.

PLANNING DEPARTMENT COPIER. Planning Assistant Shannon Springer had provided quotes to the court for a new copier for the Planning Department. The current copier is failing and needs to be replaced. Springer’s quotes included lease price versus purchase price of new copiers. Springer explained some of the quotes she received and what is needed in her office. Springer said the court could also decide if they wanted to place a larger copier in her office to act as a back-up to the one in the Clerk’s office. TEC Copier Systems and Ricoh both provided quotes, but the Ricoh quotes did not include a finisher/stapler option. Springer spoke to the Ricoh representative who estimated to add this would be around $1,200. The TEC quotes were: Kyocera Color copier 3252ci ($4,891) and Kyocera Black & White copier 3212i ($3,539). The Ricoh quotes for comparable machines were: MP 3055SP ($3,157.40) and MP C3004EX ($5,916.66) - $1,200 would need to be added to each of these quotes for the finisher/stapler option. Hamsher believes having a back-up to the Clerk’s copier would be a good idea. The court discussed purchasing versus leasing a machine. MSP: Myers/Raschio -- to approve purchase of a 3252ci copier from TEC Copier Systems to be paid from general fund equipment reserve and to authorize a service agreement with TEC Copier Systems for the copier.

AIRPORT. Airport Manager Haley Walker presented a request for approval of a revised job description and wage placement for the Airport Attendant positions. Walker explained the revised job description more accurately reflects the duties of the position and the wage placement is more in line with what other area airports are paying their attendants. The job description would also change the name of the position to Airport Assistant and also add language regarding the requirement of an acceptable criminal background. Walker reported the Airport Commission is in support of the revised job description and wage placement. The Airport Assistants would work 15 hours per week after the change. Wright added the intern position would remain as a temporary position at $12 per hour and the wage change to $16.44 would only apply to the regular part time Airport Attendants. The Treasurer will complete a resolution to transfer money from airport contingency to cover the costs. Walker said her budget will actually increase by $439 per year because her insurance calculations were higher than the actual cost. MSP: Myers/Raschio -- to approve and adopt the revised job description at a grade O-2.

DEPARTMENT HEAD REPORT – AIRPORT. Walker reported on activities at the Airport. She said everyone is invited to the annual fly in on September 8th. Walker said the narrative of the Airport Master Plan has been approved and the rest of the plan is very close to being complete. The airport apron project is being worked on and a new location for the fuel system is being looked at. The project is in the environmental assessment and planning stage and should move into the construction phase next year. Walker explained the amount of aviation fuel being ordered and sold so far this summer. Maintenance is ongoing on the facility and grounds. Walker said safety is always the first priority at the Airport followed by customer service and generating revenue. The Airport is FAA compliant at this time. Walker answered questions from those in attendance. Walker advised the new Forest Service Airbase Manager has been great to work with and the working relationship with the Forest Service is going very well.

10:23 am The court took a short break. 10:30 am Eric Watrud, Brandon Houck and Paula Gunther entered. 10:33 am The court returned to session.

UMATILLA NATIONAL FOREST. Umatilla National Forest Supervisor Eric Watrud introduced himself to the court. Heppner District Ranger Brandon Houck and Ukiah District Ranger Paula Gunther also introduced themselves. Watrud said they are basically here today to introduce themselves and answer any questions the court might have. Watrud explained his background and other forests he has worked on. Watrud advised he hopes to work closely with local communities to build relationships and work together for healthy resilient forests along with providing economic support for local communities. Houck has been at the Heppner Ranger District since June and explained his background. He said he is looking forward to working in the Heppner area. Gunther has been at the Ukiah Ranger District since Memorial Day and said she and Brandon both transferred from different parts of Wyoming. Gunther explained her background and how happy she is to have been given the opportunity to work in the Blue Mountains. Gunther further explained how different firefighting strategies might be implemented depending on the fire location, fuels, weather, etc. John Morris asked what was going to be done with the Dale Compound and vacant allotments on the Umatilla. Watrud said there are currently no vacant allotments on the Umatilla. Gunther reported decommissioning the Dale Compound has been discussed for the last 15 years or so and it has finally been placed on the regional list for decommissioning. She outlined the next steps that will be taken this fall at the compound and said they would like to receive public input on how this property could be used in the future. Watrud wanted everyone to know that although Dale has ran its life cycle they are actively managing the facilities that are being used and hiring personnel to complete the work necessary. Frances Preston asked if any salvage would be allowed for items such as wood for people who lived at Dale. Gunther gave an example of someone who contacted her asking for a gate her dad and grandfather had built and the process they went through to take the person there to salvage the gate. She said if anyone had a request such as this for something specific to please contact her and she would see what can be done. Watrud and Gunther continued to answer questions from the audience.

11:13 am The court took a short recess. 11:20 am The court returned to session.

Judge Myers recited the State Attorney General’s Sample Script to Announce the Start of Executive Session.

EXECUTIVE SESSION. 11:22 am - The court members met in executive session pursuant to ORS 192.660(2)(h) to consult with your attorney regarding your legal rights and duties in regard to litigation or litigation that is more likely than not to be filed. Judge Myers recited the State Attorney General’s Sample Script to Announce the Start of Executive Session. Present were Judge Myers, Commissioner Raschio, Commissioner Hamsher, Administrative Assistant Laurie Wright, Reporter Rick Hanners and County Counsel Ron Yockim via telephone. The court left executive session at 12:oo pm. The court returned to regular session at 12:00 pm. MSP: Raschio/Hamsher -- to authorize Ron Yockim to respond to pending litigation for Case No. 18CV36998 Mark Webb v. Grant County and defend Grant County. MSP: Raschio/Myers -- to pay the Oregonian legal fees of approximately $28,000 without interest to be paid from the Sheriff’s Department budget - communication line item.

MSP: Raschio/Myers – to adjourn today’s meeting. 12:04 am – Adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Laurie Wright

Administrative Assistant

**** Please note the court minutes are a summary of the court proceedings. An audio recording of each court session is available, after approval of the minutes, by contacting Laurie Wright at 541-575-0059 or wrightl@grantcounty-or.gov ****


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