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Upset about wildfire protection
Darlene Forrest expresses her opinion about fighting wildfires

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If my house catches on fire...
Richie Colbeth writes that it's time to change siren usage
Letter: Applause for 1862 Celebration

To the Editor:

I applaud the people of Canyon City at this year’s 1862 celebration. What a great way to honor the past through those lying in the cemeteries!

I remember Blanche Hicks was involved in my Sunday School class at St.

Letter: Trails group appreciates response

To the Editor:

The Grant County Chapter (GCC) of COTA (Central Oregon Trail Alliance) greatly appreciates all public responses and takes all concerns seriously in regards to building and maintaining

multi-use, purpose built, single-track...

Letter: Predatory animals should be treated like criminals

To the Editor:

In our society, we have animals who are killers. These killers sit down to a dinner table and eat a meal with a knife and fork. Now, when one of those killers takes a life, our society will leave no stone unturned until that...

Letter: Kudos to Rendezvous Committee

To the Editor:

The city council of the city of Mt. Vernon extends its hearty appreciation to the members of the Mt. Vernon Cinnabar Mountain Rendezvous Committee.

They have painted and brightened up the “MV” on the hillside...

Letter: Ranch should have motorized access to allotment

To the Editor:

Why should a ranch family which has been a crucial part of Grant County history for over 100 years have to be a supplicant to an agency whose presence has only been here for half that time? Why would local political subordinates,...