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Letter: Commissioner Britton should be recalled
Writer says County Commissioner Boyd Britton should be recalled.

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Letter: Recall petitioners should provide facts
Writer urges residents to vote no on recall effort against County Commissioner Boyd Britton.
Letter: Palmer informed us of law, saving property from the fire
Writers say Sheriff Palmer made them aware of law allowing them to stop the fire and save homes last year.
Letter: ‘Vote no on the recall’
Writers say people should vote no on recall effort against County Commissioner Boyd Britton.
Letter: Britton gracious in disagreement
Writer says, despite disagreements, Commissioner Britton works for best interest of county.
Letter: McKinley ‘a good and honest man’
Writer explains why he's voting for Todd McKinley for sheriff.
Letter: ‘I’ve got your back’
Writer says voting to recall County Commissioner Boyd Britton is an easy choice.
Letter: ‘By grace are ye saved through faith’
Writer says advertisement was incorrect.
Letter: Recall accusations are vague
Writers say recall of Commissioner Britton is not in county's best interest.
Letter: Join me in supporting Commissioner Britton
Writer says, despite several disagreements, Commissioner Britton should not be recalled.
Letter: Who would replace Commissioner Britton?
Writer says fire investigation could have cost thousands of dollars from general fund.
Letter: Britton has best interests of Grant County in mind
Writer says complaints about firefighting policy should be directed to Washington, D.C.
Letter: ‘We need a new sheriff’
Writer says Grant County needs a new sheriff.
Letter: Why are ambulance volunteers turned down?
Writer questions why qualified volunteer was turned down for Monument ambulance.