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Letter: McKinley has ‘selflessness, sense of duty and great values’
Writer says sheriff did not forward gratitude to undersheriff as requested.

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Letter: ‘Dangerous Donald Trump’
Writer says vote for Libertarian ticket.
Letter: Firewise techniques reduce wildfire risk
Writer says Oregonian coverage of Canyon Creek Complex missed points.
Letter: ‘Freedom is under siege’
Writer says democratic despotism is on the rise.
Letter: ‘Time for a reality check?’
Writer questions whether Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer needs "a reality check."
Letter: Owner, not neighborhood, should care for pet
Writer says owners owe responsibility to care for their pets.
Letter: City council should pledge and pray before meetings
Writer says city should pledge allegiance and pray before council meetings.
Letter: Offense unintentional
Writer responds to previous letter.
Letter: Nice to see fair alive again
Writer says county fair was great this year.
Letter: New walkway made fairgrounds much more enjoyable
Writer says asphalt walkway made traveling in wheelchair much easier.
Letter: Is Sheriff Glenn Palmer’s professional judgment reckless and incompetent?
Writer questions sheriff's deputy appointment and professional judgment.
Letter: Why I will vote for Sheriff Palmer’s re-election
Writer explains why he will vote for Glenn Palmer for sheriff.
Letter: Kerr’s letter incoherent and offensive
Writer says the Oregonian is doing a service investigating Sheriff Palmer.
Letter: Join us in making public lands healthier
Writer says Oregonian article misrepresents problem with fighting wildfire.