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Letter: You will get caught

To the Editor:

When I was gone, you opened the gate onto Highway 395 several times and my horse ended up on the highway. You will get caught.

When I was in the hospital having brain surgery, you came onto my property again and stole over...

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Letter: Just say “yes” on Initiative 12-58

To the Editor:

I found it impossible not to respond to last week’s letter to the editor and ad posted in the paper opposing initiative 12-58. The main point for opposition was to save our children and community. I couldn’t agree...

Letter: The treasurer Grant County deserves: Julie Ellison

To the Editor:

I was involved with Jackson Oil, Inc., for 39 years. When I owned the oil business, I always considered my employees to be my greatest asset. When my father passed away in 1971 and my mother needed some help with the business, I...

Letter: ‘What are you doing to make this a better community?’

To the Editor:

Since the occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge occurred, the community began to become divided around many different issues (forest access, government overreach, the sheriff’s deputies’ natural resource plan,...

Letter: Check facts before believing accusations

To the Editor:

In response to a letter (published in the April 27 Blue Mountain Eagle) by John D. George, who is a federal employee living in Montana:

He has made false statements about me and others whom I respect. My family and I are...

Letter: Clinton has experience, knowledge and integrity

To the Editor:

It has been a wild and woolly political season the past year, and the time has finally arrived to pick our candidates for president. Democrats have the choice between a proven leader in Hillary Clinton and an idealist with big...

Letter: Employees support Russ Young, Iron Triangle

To the Editor:

Some people in the community have been questioning the character and motives of Russ Young and Iron Triangle concerning his work on projects within the Malheur National Forest in Grant County. We work for/or with Iron Triangle and...

Letter: Young people facing economic difficulty

To the Editor:

Oddly enough, a think tank funded by the Koch brothers offers an excellent description of why our economically discouraged young people are supporting Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid. Generation Opportunity reports that...

Letter: Experience and dedication

To the Editor:

We support Chris Labhart for re-election as county commissioner. He has invested years of service and hard work into promoting Grant County’s economy and quality of life, as county commissioner, and previously served on...

Letter: ‘Just Say No’ on Measure 12-58

To the Editor:

During Ronald Reagan’s presidency, 1981-1989, First Lady Nancy Reagan’s campaign, “Just Say No” to drugs brought the issue of drug abuse in our country to national attention. My own daughter’s...

Letter: ‘Vicious attack’ requires explanation

To the Editor:

I’m alarmed for what has happened to the Blue Mountain Eagle, its staff and publisher as reported April 27 under “We stand firmly behind the Eagle.” Steve Forrester and Kathryn Brown, principal owners of EO...

Letter: Grant County residents are our own voice

To the Editor:

The message on our Blue Mountain Eagle Facebook page reads: “oh wise ones! it’s so very special how you get a kick out of deceiving your readers. coming soon to your town. me! i so look forward to meeting all of you.

Letter: Conflicts of interest endure

To the Editor:

Looking at the voters’ guide for the forest commission is much like looking at the who’s who of Forest Service contract holders or benefactors in Grant County.

Four men running for the Public Forest...

Letter: Meeting attendees not encouraged to tear up grazing permits

To the Editor:

The newspaper has a rule that if one’s name is mentioned in a letter, then a rebuttal can be made that can exceed the one-letter-per-month limitation. Not to give a further opportunity to rant, the individual will be simply...