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Letter: ‘The little guy’ would pay for tax increase on large industry
Writer says gross receipts tax is passed on to end users.

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Letter: Let’s do something nice for each other
Writer says community should come together after recall attempt.
Letter: Election smoke and mirrors
Writer says election rhetoric is misleading.
Letter: Old forest policies were better
Writer says forest policies worse than 40 years ago.
Letter: Think of climate change during election
Writer says election picks will have climate change implications.
Letter: ‘Our professional foresters have failed us’
Writer says it's common sense to make national forests healthy and productive resources again.
Letter: Grant County parade exemplary
Writer from Malheur County says Grant County parade is what a parade should be.
Letter: Let’s come together for betterment of community
Writer says community should work together to heal wounds.
Letter: Buyer beware
Writer says pressure cooker cannot can above 2,000 feet altitude.
Letter: Fear of God
Writer says Grant County residents should be examples for children.
Letter: Public servants must obey the law
Writer says similarities exist between Hillary Clinton and Glenn Palmer.
Letter: ‘Burned’ — again
Writer says the Oregonian's Canyon Creek Complex article is slanted.
Letter: Recall a waste of county funds
Writer says recall is a waste of county funds.
Letter: ‘Only Human’
Writer offers a poem her mother enjoyed.
Letter: Cooperation, collaboration and coordination
Writer says county court should invoke coordination with the Forest Service.
Letter: Forest Service is a plus for community
Writer says denouncement of government has progressed to hatred of Forest Service.
Letter: Farm Bureau supports Commissioner Britton
Writer says Farm Bureau supports County Commissioner Boyd Britton.
Letter: Northern county EMT service concerning
Writer says she is disappointed by EMT service in northern Grant County.
Letter: Vote no on recall
Writers say decision not to fund fire investigation was in county's best interest.
Letter: Those who want recall should pay for it
Writer says recall petitioners should pay for the election.
Letter: Is Sheriff Palmer above the law?
Writer questions Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer's conduct.
Letter: ‘Why spend all of that money for a recall?’
Writer says vote no on recall of County Commissioner Boyd Britton.
Letter: ‘Keep the mustache in office’
Writer says vote no on recall effort against County Commissioner Boyd Britton.
Letter: Out-of-context statements distort original intent
Writer says County Commissioner Boyd Britton works for the best interests of the county.
Letter: ‘Vote for Todd McKinley’
Writer says vote for Todd McKinley for sheriff.