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Letter: Which would you cut, defund or change?

To the Editor:

With all the debate going on about the government budget and people clamoring for cuts and changes, I felt it was time to get some perspective on some of what we have going on that “We the People” may want to...

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Letter: Predator control and compensation should be increased

To the Editor:

The wolf article in the March 1 edition of the Blue Mountain Eagle struck a very disappointing accord with me. We shouldn’t be cutting funding at all to predator control or compensation, in fact there should be marked...

Letter: Cultural exchange breaks down walls

To the Editor:

I visited Mt. Vernon outside John Day for four weeks in 1982. I stayed with Roy and Renae Cates and their four kids in Mt. Vernon. I remember Mr. Cates, who had his own enterprise working as a lumberjack, asking me about the...

Letter: Both sides have opportunity to be heard

To the Editor:

To quote Grant County District Attorney Jim Carpenter in the article “Man who killed John Day cop will be freed,” dated Feb. 22, 2017, by Sean Hart of the Blue Mountain Eagle, “a defining principle of our...

Letter: Advertisement was not self-promotion

To the Editor:

I would like to express my disappointment with the way “Paid for by Russ Denton” was displayed like some self-promotion above my article last week (in a paid advertisement), rather than the simple acknowledgment of...