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Letter: Sheriff’s wife speaks out for her husband
Sheriff's wife clarifies husband's actions.

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Letter: Governor, sheriff violated oath of office
Writer says governor, Harney County sheriff should resign.
Letter: Are conflicts of interest preventing action?
Writer questions lack of investigation into Canyon Creek Complex fire.
Letter: County must stand united against outside abuse
Writer says sheriff deserves support and respect.
Letter: Nation consists of states united
Writer says people should put federal government in its place.
Letter: Overbearing government rules affect more than public lands
Writer says many people against refuge occupation receivement government paycheck or retirement.
Letter: Re-elect Sheriff Palmer
Writer says sheriff is last line of defense against oppressive government.
Letter: Constitution is a living document
Writer says Constitution more than a pamphlet to keep in shirt pocket.
Letter: What are sheriff’s intentions?
Writer says sheriff should resign if he cannot fulfill duties of office.
Does sheriff uphold the law?
Writer questions sheriff's stance on refuge occupation.
Letter: ‘Buck up and be counted!’
Writers talk about visit to refuge.
Letter: Crazy times in Eastern Oregon
Writer commends those who opposed refuge occupiers.
Letter: Armed refuge occupation could affect gun rights for all
Writer says refuge occupation could hurt gun rights for all.
Letter: ‘When is our next election?’
Writer questions sheriff's definition of "patriot."
Letter: What happened to constitutional rights?
Writer says grassroots movement is not terrorism.
Letter: Sheriff should resign if he cannot enforce laws
Writer says sheriff should resign if he cannot enforce laws.
Letter: City should have sent pot ban to voters
Writer expresses disappointment Long Creek City Council did not send commercial pot ban to citizens for vote.
Letter: Were sheriff’s comments personal or professional?
Writer questions sheriff's comments.
Letter: Refuge occupation an attack on tax-paying citizens
Writer claims Bundy is a "wolf in sheep's clothing."
Letter: Government should honor commitment to veterans
Writer expresses disappointment with veteran health care.
Letter: Libelous false allegations shouldn’t be aired in public forum
Writer says previous letters contain unwarranted attacks on sheriff.
Letter: Sheriff candidate explains decision to run
Writer explains his decision to run for sheriff.
Letter: Sheriff is professional, kind and honest
Writer says sheriff is professional, kind and honest.
Letter: We are lucky to have sheriff
Writer says we are lucky to have Glenn Palmer as sheriff.
Letter: Nothing wrong with sheriff meeting
Writer doesn't see anything wrong with the sheriff meeting with the milita group.
Letter: Armed protesters should “stay the course”
Writer encourages armed protesters to "stay the course."
Letter: Sheriff should focus on primary job duties
Writer states sheriff should hold duties above politics.
Letter: Palmers’ Christmas dinner appreciated
Writer enjoys Christmas dinner provided by Roseanne and Glenn Palmer.
Letter: Long Creek fire department swift and professional
Writer praises professionalism of Long Creek first responders.