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‘The deer are now a remnant herd’

To the Editor:

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife biologist Ryan Torland discredits himself in the eyes of old-timers in Grant County when he asserts that the local deer herds are “chugging along just fine.” Talk to just about...

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Letter: When to call an untruth to light

To the Editor:

Mark Webb, executive director of Blue Mountain Forest Partners, stated during the Aug. 18 meeting that part of the decision from the operations committee to deny membership to citizens was because of gossip on the street. GOSSIP!...

Guest Comment: Permittees did not partner on East Fork Beech Creek project

We, as the private landowners and permittees affected by the “fish habitat restoration” work on the East Fork of Beech Creek disagree with the propaganda article that was published in the Aug. 9 Blue Mountain Eagle. The article...

Letters to the Editor
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Letter: Bipartisan parks bill maintains strategic investment

To the Editor:

I support Jim Hammett’s call last week for increased federal investment in the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument. Grant County is rural, natural resource dependent and over 60 percent federally owned and managed. What...

Letter: ‘We will never forget John Day’

To the Editor:

Grant County provided the ultimate experience of a total eclipse on Aug. 21. Your community was so welcoming and prepared for this event, you made it a truly memorable visit.

We expected the worst with the crowds in such a...

Letter: ‘A house divided cannot stand’

To the Editor:

I once served in a war with men that ran the spectrum of red, yellow, tan, black and white. No one was concerned my great-grandfather was a Confederate soldier, or someone’s predecessor was made a slave in Africa by other...

Letter: Helping parks helps businesses

To the Editor:

I applaud Jim Hammett’s recent opinion piece for shining a light on the important economic role John Day Fossil Beds National Monument plays in supporting communities and businesses in the surrounding area. Mr. Hammett...

Letter: Prospective collaborative members meet requirements

To the Editor:

Mark Webb, executive director of Blue Mountains Forest Partners, local collaborative, has taken on the role of “executive dictator” of the group. During the July monthly meeting when several local citizens stated...

Letter: Grant County ‘welcoming and gracious’

To the Editor:

We would just like to say that Grant County and its people are awesome! Everyone was so welcoming and gracious, opening homes and property to visitors from far and wide to share in the experience of the eclipse that just happened...

Letter: Governmental overreach in the courthouse

To the Editor:

Federal prosecutors are showing a personal and political vendetta against the patriots that helped protect protesters while Cliven Bundy rescued his cattle from Bureau of Land Management impoundment. These men took an armed stand...

Letter: Confederate flag ‘a proud symbol of American history’

To the Editor:

According to a letter to the editor in the Blue Mountain Eagle on Aug. 23, celebrating and honoring a symbol of our history is now racist and depicts white supremacy? The Confederate flag is part of our history. During the Civil...

Letter: ‘Residents couldn’t have been nicer’

To the Editor:

We just wanted to send a congratulations to the cities of John Day and Prairie City. We attended the spectacular solar eclipse in Grant County. Your police, public services, business owners and local residents couldn’t have...

Letter: Collaborative trust and inclusion

To the Editor:

Forest Service “collaboratives” do not want to grant Eastern Oregon residents a vote at the table.

They want people to “participate” but not to ask for a vote in the process. That’s why...

Letter: Have forest boundaries changed?

To the Editor:

The definition of boundary is quite concise: that which indicates or fixes a limit or extent; that which makes a bound, (marks) a bound as of territory.

Have the boundaries of our national forest changed? Have they been...

Letter: ‘Kudos to all the local heroes’

To the Editor:

Kudos to all the local heroes who kept our community on an even plane during this very unusual summer. Through the crowds of the Rainbow family and the eclipse, the folks at Chester’s Thriftway and Len’s Drug and the...

Letter: ‘Great job, Grant County!’

To the Editor:

I am so proud of the people of Grant County! From the reports we are receiving, our eclipse visitors were very impressed with our communities. They say we were organized, prepared and very friendly. Many of them have indicated...

Letter: ‘An experience we’ll always treasure’

To the Editor:

The community of John Day showed friendliness and hospitality. My husband Mel and I were there recently to view the eclipse, which was fabulous, memorable. Robert Ake and family were especially helpful to us. We’d seen a...

Letter: Grant County eclipse preparations ‘wonderful’

To the Editor:

I, along with thousands of others, had the pleasure to visit John Day and Grant County for the recent eclipse. It was wonderful. If I didn’t know better, I would think that you host thousands of people every month. But I do...

Letter: Confederate Flag a symbol of white supremacy

To the Editor:

Since hearing about the recent violence in Charlottesville and seeing the images of hate and destruction surrounded by the tokens of white supremacy, I can’t stop thinking about this year’s Prairie City Independence...

Letter: Bentz’s leadership led to successful transportation package

To the Editor:

This letter is to acknowledge, on behalf of Oregon’s 242 cities, the leadership and hard work displayed by Rep. Cliff Bentz that resulted in passage of a $5.3 billion, multimodal transportation package as the 2017...

Letter: Analyze and debate events, rather than silencing opponents

To the Editor:

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Just as some people shout-down “hate-speech” on campus and tear down hate statues in the public park, other people eliminate the websites of hateful groups from the...