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Letter: Grant County residents are our own voice

To the Editor:

The message on our Blue Mountain Eagle Facebook page reads: “oh wise ones! it’s so very special how you get a kick out of deceiving your readers. coming soon to your town. me! i so look forward to meeting all of you.

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Letter: Farmers: Providing nourishment and economic opportunity

To the Editor:

The way in which we improve a communities’ lifestyle is to add value to it. In order to add value, we must create something new, something wanted by consumers and providing net gain. Consumers need more tangible usefulness...

Letter: Collaborative process yields better projects

To the Editor:

Those who were concerned by Mr. (Mark) Webb’s court challenge to the (Public) Forest Commission’s validity or those wanting more back story, please read the original charter posted (as a link with this letter) in the...

Letter: ‘No Threats, No Intimidation, No Militia’

To the Editor:

Since I was singled out in Tad Houpt’s letter to the Eagle last week, I am taking this opportunity to reply.

I was only one of 11 people who peacefully and legally demonstrated against the presence of this group and...

Letter: Wake up, Grant County!

To the Editor:

The date to vote on initiative 12-58 is fast approaching. Voters will decide on May 17 whether or not citizens in Grant County have the right to use private property for a legal profitable business. 12-58 allows citizens to open...

Letter: Healthier forests and stronger communities
Writer says informed community involvement and collaboration benefit forest.
Letter: Why protest educational meeting?
Writer says 65 attended college-type class on range history.
Letter: Faithful support for Hammonds and Bundys
Writer says many forces necessary in fight against evil.
Letter: Public servant protects rights usurped by government
Writer says anger should not be reaction to public official protecting rights.
Letter: Questions for sheriff detractors
Writer says Constitution not being followed.
Letter: ‘Stand down the secret list of deputies’
Writer says sheriff is supposed to serve and protect county citizens.
Letter: Search and rescue volunteers do not need deputized
Writer says most Eastern Oregon counties do not deputize search and rescue volunteers.
Letter: Mary Weaver for Grant County treasurer
Writer says Mary Weaver has experience to be county treasurer.
Letter: Shape up
Writer says both sides of an issue should be covered.
Letter: PFC vs. BMFP
Writer says Forest Partners members attempting to unseat forest commissioners.
Letter: Share the road
Writer says everyone has a right to be on the road safely.
Letter: VSO-gate
Writer agrees with previous letter County Court should be replaced.
Letter: County commissioner did not serve citizens’ best interests
Writer says county commissioner failed to serve constituents.
Letter: Constitution’s First Amendment provides rights for all
Writer says people have freedom to express their opinions.
Letter: Constitutional accountability must begin at county level
Writer says Sheriff Palmer is a real law enforcement officer.
Letter: Mediocre reporting
Writer says intelligent people will eventually stop listening to redundant rhetoric.
Letter: Prescription epidemic
Writer says marijuana less dangerous than prescription opiates.