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Letter: Still saying no to pot

To the Editor:

While traveling through Prairie City I stopped by a mini-market to buy a few things, including the May 6 Blue Mountain Eagle. I see from the letter “Pot’s healing powers” that what’s ailing Ontario has...

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Letter: Teaching respect and boundaries

To the Editor:

I appreciated the April 29 column, “Grant County Should Take Lead ... and Talk About It,” by Matt Ipson. I cannot add to his excellent comments except in one area: “We can all play a role in modeling healthy...

Letter: A police state?

To the Editor:

When the Forest Service uses my tax dollars to publish environmental documents restricting access to public lands and, in a petty personal vendetta, marginalizes the important role of a local law enforcement officer, then I want...

Letter: Forest access at risk

To the Editor:

What the government giveth, the government taketh away. Keep that in mind after you have read the April 22 issue of the Blue Mountain Eagle.

What gave me a chuckle is the statement by one letter writer that the Grant County...

Letter: Legislators slammed for pot proposals

To the Editor:

Last October Josephine County Circuit Court Judge Wolkes ruled that neither Oregon law pertaining to so called medical marijuana prohibits cities from prohibiting medical marijuana dispensaries in their jurisdictions.


Letter: Doing the movie math

To the Editor:

Some time in the last few days, someone put an entry on Facebook about how they missed the theaters that used to be here in John Day. They told how they enjoyed going to the theaters on the weekends with all the family, etc., and...