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Letter: Predatory animals should be treated like criminals

To the Editor:

In our society, we have animals who are killers. These killers sit down to a dinner table and eat a meal with a knife and fork. Now, when one of those killers takes a life, our society will leave no stone unturned until that...

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Letter: Secede or succumb

To the Editor:

Rural Oregonians in general and east Oregonians in particular are growing increasingly dismayed by the manner in which Oregon’s legislature and urban dwellers have marginalized their valued, demonized their lifestyle,...

Letter: A thousand times no!

To the Editor:

Recently the Forest Service came forth with the Magone Lake project. In reading over the projected work, you will find that a bicycle trail, horse trail, hiking trail combo has been proposed in the Nipple Butte Wildlife area. It...

Letter: Climate Kool-Aid?

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to global warming. I agree with the global warming proponents to a point; we have come a long way in controlling pollution. Our pollution expertise 50 years ago was leading the charge on...

Letter: Head for the market

To the Editor:

Grocery shopping need not be a chore of the day but an adventure of the senses; right here in your own town and valley. A Saturday farmers’ market where you will meet friends and neighbors and just have a good time in the...

Letter: Sweat with us

To The Editor:

I didn’t attend graduation so I can’t comment specifically on the “poor” choice of attire that Mr. Thomsen from Aurora takes issue with in last week’s letters. But I know well the person that he...

Letter: Critical words from Washington

To the Editor:

We are being inundated in the news media today with matters of such astronomical importance as the recuperating comedian who wrapped his limousine around a Walmart truck or an aging Bruce Jenner with his clip and tuck challenging...

Letter: Graduation garb lacks respect?

To the Editor:

Last Saturday my wife and I were in John Day to watch the son of a friend graduate from high school.

It’s always nice to celebrate a milestone like graduation, a transition to adulthood, more schooling, or work and...

Letter: Flying the flag

To the Editor:

The Elks will hold a ceremony on Flag Day, June 14, at the annual picnic, which will be held at the former Fireside Inn on Dixie pass.

Why is the flag so important? It is the symbol of our country, our military and our...

Letter: Wood permit idea supported

To the Eagle:

Firewood has been used in Grant County from the first settlers till the present. From 1862 to the Forest Service’s inception and until the early 1970s, firewood was free and unrestricted. First there was a...