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Letter: No fix for GMOs

To the Editor:

About Measure 92: Everything that has been said about Measure 92 is most likely true.  We are being fed chemicals in our food; it will cost to label only food in Oregon. What a waste of election money when the outcome...

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Letter: What’s a few?

To the Editor:

We are being blasted with ads for and against Measure 92, one “for” ad said if it passes it might raise the price of some food items a “few dollars.” For this old country boy, please explain what a few...

Letter: ‘If you think’

To the Editor:

If you think your congressman should be bought and paid for by out of state money – vote for Greg Walden.

If you think your congressman should put his personal religious beliefs and political party agenda before his...

Letter: Wanted: the return of Kokopelli

To the Editor:

Back in April we moved to Prairie City from Bend. We had owned a little house on Bridge Street for several years, and loving this area and the people who made their homes here, we decided to retire here. I became involved in Roan...

Letter: Take pride; adopt-a-highway

To the Editor:

Since the recently published article about litter was in the Blue Mountain Eagle, I have been asked about the “Adopt a highway” program.

It is strictly volunteer, and individuals, families and organizations...

Letter: Access is more than just recreation

To the Editor:

As we move out of the busiest “recreational” season of the year, summer, it’s always good to reflect on what open access to public lands is really about, and the current actions to restrict that...

Letter: Richardson a welcome alternative
Dale Stennett writes in support of gubernatorial candidate Representative Dennis Richardson.
Letter: Fire kudos

To the Editor:

Recent events have provided an opportunity for me to reflect on exactly the type of community in which we live. I wonder how many people receive personal calls within minutes of a reported fire from the chief law enforcement...

Letter: Numbers problem

To the Editor:

I appreciate the editorial last week (Kudos to volunteers, and a proud tradition) but as a longtime volunteer firefighter from Grant County, I would just like to comment on the suggestion that there is a difference between...

Letter: Kudos to litter patrol folks
Richie Colbeth offers kudos and suggestions on roadside litter patrols.
Letter: Family not Irish

To the Editor:

Gregg Smith’s article “From Ireland to Grant County” (Sept. 24) refers to the Dunstans as being Irish. My great grandfather would not be happy!

The Dunstan family from which we are descended were...