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Letter: Support HB 3249, Oregon Agriculture Heritage Program

To the Editor:

Continued fracturing of Oregon’s agricultural lands are on a track to have far-reaching consequences. These properties not only provide a stable economic platform for Oregon’s second-largest economic sector, but also...

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Letter: Integrity of voting process preserves democracy

To the Editor:

Beyond the personal attack by Frances Preston against Judy Schuette in a letter to the editor in last week’s Eagle, Preston made false claims that cannot be left to stand.

Incredibly (and mistakenly), she requested...

Letter: Gov. Brown responsible for May Day march mayhem

To the Editor:

After seeing what happened in Portland with the May Day march, I believe the responsibility lies 100 percent with Gov. Brown. She has declared our state a “sanctuary state.” This gives every anarchist a license to...

Letter: From the ‘other side of the mountain’

To the Editor:

I am writing to the people of John Day from the “other side of the mountain.” Years ago, I came to John Day from Portland to work at the Blue Mountain Hospital, and I still consider myself someone who belongs among...

Letter: ‘Challenge the opinion, not the person’

To the Editor:

In the May 3 issue of the Blue Mountain Eagle, a letter from Frances Preston was published. It was clearly an attack on Judy Schuette. The letter did include Ms. Preston’s opinion on the County Court’s management of...

Letter: ‘God is back’

To the Editor:

God is back. 2 Chronicles 7:14. God bless America and President Trump.

Richie Colbeth

John Day

Letter: Support our local officials

To the Editor:

While the debate over federal land management has not changed over time one thing that has gained momentum is the slander and harassment of our local federal land officials. Most notably the forest supervisor. While it’s...

Letter: Practice what you preach

To the Editor:

Being a citizen and taxpayer in Grant County, I request Judy Schuette pay the bill for the time charged and travel expenses incurred for the Grant County attorney to travel to facilitate the recent hearing called by County Clerk...

Letter: Collaborative funding ‘should prove interesting’

To the Editor:

Mark Webb, executive director of Blue Mountains Forest Partners, stated in a letter to the editor that John George has a “deep misunderstanding” of the 501(c)(3) status they operate under and are not required to...