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Letters to the Editor: June 20, 2018
This week’s letters.

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Letter: Fast ATV driving on closed road puts hikers, horses at risk

To the Editor:

To the young man on the racing-type sport ATV, yes, Forest Road 850 is closed to motorized vehicles, despite your obscenity-laden insistence to the contrary. The fact that the “Road Closed” sign has been shot up and...

Letter: McLeod-Skinner right for Eastern Oregon

To the Editor:

The primary is past, and we now know who we need to support to get Congress working again. Not many people question the fact that Congress isn’t functioning well.

To fix that, we need to elect Jamie McLeod-Skinner as...

Letter: Arming teachers

To the Editor:

The topic of arming of our teachers have varying opinions. However, one is seen as the first line of defense for our children.

Is arming teachers the only solution? No, but it is one part of a more thorough...

Letter: Proud of Grant County Democrats and McLeod-Skinner

To the Editor:

In April I had the pleasure of meeting with Grant County Democrats, a dedicated and growing group of Oregonians working towards positive change in November’s elections by building grassroots programs and raising both money...