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Letter: Question of loyalty

To the Editor:

Speaking of loyalties – If you think your livelihood depended on the Forest Service, give some thought that Forest Service’s existence in Grant County depended upon you. The Forest Service did not have the army of...

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Letter: State gets D+ for trapping practices

To the Editor:

In the recent article “Keep your dog safe during trapping season” (Dec. 23, 2014 Blue Mountain Eagle), even the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife warns of the danger and indiscriminate nature of wildlife traps,...

Letter: Equal opportunity for all?

To the Editor:

I can think of very few things more healthy and wholesome than bicycling. Especially bicycling that takes the bikers off crowded, shoulder-less highways.

I was, therefore, disappointed to read that our County Court abruptly...

Letter: More kudos for driver

To the Editor:

This is reinforcement to Bob Watt’s applause last week for Oak Harbor Freight driver Ernie Hopper. For 10 years, Oak Harbor and Ernie have transported, free of charge, the hundreds of shoeboxes assembled by Grant County...

Letter: Flaw in Grant County’s road law

To the Editor:

Last Wednesday, the Grant County Court heard comments from the Public Access Advisory Board about road closures and proposed road closures made by the Malheur National Forest supervisor.

The Public Access Advisory Board...

Letter: Trail ends with Court’s lack of support

To the Editor:

For the last six years I have been volunteering time to figure out ways that our struggling Grant County economy (still the highest unemployment in the state) could generate additional tourist spending. Last summer I became...