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Letter: Where’s the debate?
Writer asks why sheriff candidates are not debating this election cycle.

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Letter: Vote for Hillary
Writer says vote for Hillary Clinton for president.
Letter: Inept agencies and reckless spending
Writer says it's time to do something about ineptness of government agencies.
Letter: ‘God bless Glenn and Roseann!’
Writer says Glenn Palmer answers the call when she's in need.
Letter: Palmer not performing duties in sheriff job description
Writer says sheriff is not performing duties in job description.
Letter: Unacceptable campaign behavior
Writer says vicious election rhetoric harms communities.
Letter: ‘Should we fear avowed protesters within our county?’
Writer says comparisons that aren't "apples to apples" are propaganda.
Letter: Measure 97 ‘bad for business, bad for Oregon’
Writer says vote no on Measure 97.
Letter: The coming election
Writer says resources are an important topic to consider during election.
Letter: Let out-of-state corporations pay fair share with yes on 97
Writer says Measure 97 would benefit Oregonians.
Letter: Sheriff Palmer has integrity
Writer says Sheriff Palmer stands against abuses of self-serving government.
Letter: ‘Vote Todd McKinley for sheriff’
Writer says sheriff candidate Todd McKinley is a professional law enforcement officer.
Letter: Do courts care when the people speak?
Writer says officials are not representing residents' interests.
Letter: Hospital earns thumbs up
Writer says hospital provides "maximum care."
Letter: Despite my name on ad, I do not support Sheriff Palmer
Writer says ad supporting Sheriff Palmer improperly included his name.
Letter: State laws should apply statewide
Writer says Sheriff Palmer makes her uncomfortable to travel to Grant County.
Enough with the garbage
Letter to the editor from Jan Lowry
Letter: ‘The media has painted me as the Annie Oakley of the geriatric hordes’
Writer says media has skewed agenda.
Letter: Constitutional sheriff pleads Fifth Amendment 51 times
Writer questions Sheriff Glenn Palmer's pleading of the Fifth Amendment.
Letter: Sheriff has ‘created a variety of messes’
Writer says sheriff has changed.
Letter: ‘2 pit bulls attack woman walking her dog’
Writer says newspaper coverage was unfair.
Letter: The Malheur refuge protest trial
Writer says judge's restrictions make it difficult for defendants to present their defense.
Letter: Collaborative group’s motive to feather ‘their own nest’
Writer says coordination worrisome to Blue Mountains Forest Partners.
Election more vital than the last
Letter to the editor from Mya Ennis
Letter: Let’s make a deal
Writer proposes a deal.
Letter: Public Forest Commission threatened Webb’s paycheck
Writer says former commission's push for coordination would have compromised BMFP.
Letter: Harney County sheriff not selective with assistance
Writer says sheriff's office in Harney County refreshing compared to Grant County.
Letter: Sheriff should put safety of community first
Writer says sheriff should support all of Grant County.
Letter: Park would have been special for athletes
Writer says park could have prevented highway running.
Letter: Concerns about Trump have already happened
Writer says previous letter's concerns have already happened under current president.