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Letter: Access to public lands

Published on June 13, 2017 3:46PM

To the Editor:

“Access,” as defined by Webster, is: approach, admittance, admission or accessibility. The issue of access keeps raising its head. Access to our public lands by existing roads and trails. Public lands, not Forest Service lands or BLM lands. These agencies have no lands. They are public servants hired to care for public lands consistent with local county land use plans and policies. The Federal Land Management and Policy Act, section 202(c)(9), requires this.

Let’s hear the conclusion of this matter. Grant County Ordinance 2013-01 states: all roads, trails, stock driveways and byways across public lands in Grant County...shall remain open...unless otherwise authorized for closure by the Grant County Court and the Grant County sheriff. I ask the Grant County Court to see that these public employees adhere to their own creed of “caring for the land and serving the people.”

Michael R. Christensen

John Day


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