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Letter: House Resolution 2936 sells out Oregon

Published on November 7, 2017 3:46PM

To the Editor:

Wildfires are a problem for Oregonians and selling out our natural resources, endangered species and public process is not the answer, and that is why I oppose HR 2936.

Wildfires affect Oregonians in a profound way. The threat to housing, loss of grazing land for cattle, the high cost of replacing fencing – not to mention the veterinary supplies and medications needed to sustain the herd after such a tragedy – is a great strain on the farmers and ranchers. Add to this the devastation of the land that we all hold dear, and the impact of wildfires is almost unimaginable.

House Resolution 2936 would gut protections already in place and promote clearcutting forests that we have set aside for our future generations. It is important to both create sustainable new growth for the timber industry and to protect forests that provide habitat for wildlife and threatened species.

We will not solve the problem by selling out our natural resources or by silencing public input.

What we need is sustainable forestry management. By giving appropriate funding to the United States Forest Service they will be able to remove the underbrush, allowing young trees to grow and create their own sustainable ecosystem which will limit devastating wildfires. This sensible approach will create jobs and help contain wildfires that endanger families and livestock, and allow wildfires to burn where they are contributing to the overall health of forests.

If HR 2936 becomes law, Oregon will suffer a devastating loss in natural resources and family farms that have already been hit hard by wildfire.

Jamie McLeod-Skinner

Congressional District 2 Democratic candidate


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