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Letter: Voter rights and representation

Published on November 28, 2017 3:13PM

To the Editor:

The Blue Mountain Eagle reported that the John Day City Council voted “to organize an interagency task force to dissolve the current dispatch center and to negotiate a transition plan for a new 911 jurisdictional plan to become operational by 2020.”

Upon reading that excerpt, I feel it is necessary to share words that reflect the opinion of many Grant County residents who do not fall within the assumed “affluent self-appointed enlightened residents” that are represented by the John Day City Council:

“My first response when reading this Blue Mountain Eagle article was “What?!” Still no answers to questions, but regurgitating the same non-responses/excuses to questions raised. It seems that the John Day City Council chooses to keep the bit in their teeth and continue with the runaway process — determined that they and they only will be the deciders of what direction the 911 service and the broadband internet service will go. A better option would be to have a county-wide, 911 User Board to research the options.”

“Well you know those ‘internet trolls’ want facts, not fear mongering, they want real, sustainable solutions not taxes. They want accountability not passing the burden and blame. They want truth not misinformation. That’s all the city and 911 local page did was try and use fear and people’s emotion and misinformation to try and pass this.”

“The same cohorts are now developing the same narrative regarding broadband service, expecting to once again label fiscal conservatives who are urging a cautious, deliberate and collaborative approach to expanding local broadband service, as ignorant mountain folks (internet trolls) who don’t know what’s best for themselves. Yet, once again, nobody is suggesting that we shouldn’t have high-speed internet, but rather are raising issues with yet-another, city-designed initiative with potentially substantial risks and costs to the greater county.”

The residents of Grant County apparently have no say in extravagant county spending. The “we are the governing body, we call the shots” county duo will decide that. What happened to voter rights and representation of all county residents?

Judy Kerr

Canyon City


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