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Letter: Media constantly on ‘Trump attack’

Published on December 19, 2017 4:52PM

To the Editor:

I can’t help but be amused by the obvious fact that the local Blue Mountain Eagle, a subsidiary of the very left-leaning Portland “news media,” is so eager to add fuel to the “hate Trump” movement that it fails to read their own editorial bleatings. This weeks lead editorial, “Trump’s denigration of FBI is self-serving,” states: “... It is a standard ploy to attack government during political campaigns, but quite another to sabotage it after being elected. Meanwhile, the rest of us need government to function. And we sure as hell need the FBI to continue doing its job well.”

On the very same page, Brianna Walker’s column, “Conned with the truth,” states: “... One of my favorite acronyms for FEAR is ‘False Evidence Appearing Real.’ ... take a moment to see behind the ‘facts.’ Who’s feeding the fear? What is their agenda?”

Do we need a well functioning FBI? Absolutely! Do we at present, or in recent history, have one? Well, maybe, maybe not. Also, maybe we should look at the “agenda” of media constantly on the “Trump attack,” especially those emanating from places like Portland, home central of political far-left terrorism.

How many here in John Day and Grant County in general would really want the likes of the self-proclaimed “educated elite” much pictured across the nation as they hid behind masks and destroyed businesses, private property and bullied and injured any dissenters of their view on how this country should be run and as they violently insisted upon.

Watch out for people in masks, or operating out of left-leaning media strongholds. What is their agenda? Ski masks hiding political terrorists might not be all that different than media hiding political agendas behind ink and newsprint. If you like what you have seen politically demonstrated in places like Portland, you’ll get your big chance for more “Hope and Change” in three more years from behind the masks we are now seeing so viciously and constantly appearing from the “educated elite”

God help us all!

Gary Davidson

Canyon City

Editor’s note: The Blue Mountain Eagle, established through mergers of local Grant County newspapers in the late 1800s, became a subsidiary of EO Media Group in 1979. EO Media Group, founded in Pendleton, also owns the Capital Press as well as the Wallowa County Chieftain, East Oregonian and Hermiston Herald newspapers in Eastern Oregon. None of the company’s subsidiaries are based in, or cover, the Portland area.


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