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Letter: Republican senator endorsed tax bill

Published on January 9, 2018 4:32PM

To the Editor:

Sen. Ted Ferrioli deserves the honor he received from the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems’ Small and Rural Hospital Committee as the 2017 Rural Legislator of the Year. He has indeed fought long and hard for the financial stability of rural hospitals. Sen. Ferrioli has endorsed Measure 101. He says in the Voters’ Pamphlet (page 21), “There’s no question: Oregonians should vote Yes. Oregon has a plan for funding healthcare that really works for all of us. That plan is Measure 101.”

It is important to know that the tax on hospitals that is included in Measure 101 has in fact been in effect for years and was re-authorized in 2017. And it is important to know that this tax on larger hospitals leverages about $2 billion every two years from the federal government, which goes to the Oregon DHS. Those funds are then delivered back proportionately to Oregon hospitals, including rural ones, some of which are not taxed but do receive some of the funding. This tax returns about a 5-for-1 investment for health care in Oregon. This is why hospitals support paying this tax.

Please vote yes on Measure 101. We must continue to maintain this funding resource that has been so important for our rural hospitals.

Nancy Nickel

John Day


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