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Letters: May 16, 2018

This week’s letters to the editor.

Published on May 15, 2018 3:34PM

What happened to ‘moral majority’?

To the Editor:

So, whatever happened to the Republican “moral majority”? It appears that the president of the United States paid $130,000 to cover up an affair he had while the future first lady was nursing their newborn. Unless it is extinct, perhaps the “moral majority” should review the meaning of the word “hypocrisy” in the dictionary.

Fred Fitzgerald


Safety above ridiculous laws

To the Editor:

On Feb. 16, I drove past this deer carcass that I had driven past a few times on previous days. After the fourth day, I decided to take action. I pulled over into the bar ditch, completely off the highway and turned my emergency lights on to warn other drivers of my existence there along the road. As I was finishing loading the deer, I looked up the road and noticed a state police game warden stop up ahead and turn around to come back to my vehicle. He pulled over to speak to me. He quickly stated that it was illegal for me to pick up this deer off the state highway or any highway for that matter. I asked him about the ordinance in the newspaper, which said it was legal to do this. The officer told me that, though the law had passed, it had not been put into effect. I tried to reason with him by explaining to him that all I was doing was trying to protect the citizens of Grant County by removing a very real road hazard that could potentially be a real threat to driver safety. He warned me that if I am caught committing this “crime” again, he would write me a ticket. The officer then instructed me to drag the deer back out of my grandfather’s pickup and leave it where I had found it. I put it into the ditch next the highway.

It is apparent that some officers in Grant County have neglected the spirit of the law only to embrace the narrow-minded view that ridiculous ordinances take precedence over public safety. At some point, we, as citizens of Grant County, need to put safety above the ridiculousness of lawmakers who are disconnected from rural realities.

Grant LeQuieu

Mt. Vernon

Firearms in schools ‘reckless and irresponsible’

To the Editor:

As a parent and gun owner, I am disappointed at how the conversation on “school safety” so quickly devolved into the arming of teachers and staff.

The idea of arming school faculty is an irresponsible and dangerous reaction that may sound reasonable at face value but is inherently reckless in implementation. For me to keep a gun safe in my home with children, it must be locked up in a key-less safe. The same standard applies to schools with staff and children: There is no way to completely prevent accidental discharge or irresponsible use of a firearm if it is loaded and carried on a person. However, if guns are locked up in a safe, there is little chance they can be effectively used in an active shooter situation. Secondly, most active shooter situations that I am aware of have involved the use of semi-automatic assault rifles and/or high capacity magazines. There is very limited ability to defend oneself with a handgun against an assault rifle.

I fully support efforts to ensure the children of Grant School District 3 have a safe learning environment. To that end, I would encourage the district to seek out funding for school resource officers at all three campuses. If this is not feasible in the near future, I would propose more creative means of providing a professional law enforcement presence. Perhaps an office at each school could be provided for local law enforcement where they could share shifts to cover the school day and take care of their own administrative duties? I would be supportive of physical measures to create hardened points of entry and locking doors to outside visitors. Finally, I would encourage the school district to work with other local entities to identify and treat the root causes associated with the deadly acts that have recently occurred in schools across the United States. The mental health and emotional well-being of our children (and community) should be prioritized in order to prevent these heinous acts. Putting firearms in our schools is a reckless and irresponsible reaction with the potential to have catastrophic consequences.

Darin Toy

John Day


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