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Letter: Drinking water versus irrigation

Published on August 28, 2018 4:31PM

To the Editor:

As you may know, Prairie City has nearly run out of drinking water. The city of John Day is providing water from our wells, at no cost to Prairie City. I think that is a good idea. Yes, it is costing the city of John Day to pump the water into trucks that are hauling water to Prairie City. Prairie City is paying for hauling the water.

I was at a community meeting and Jim Hamsher, the mayor, made a remark that some of the people in the community were still using more water than was permitted.

The next day I met Chris Camarena, the public works manager. I asked him if there were still people using high volume of water. He said, “Yes.”

I do not have a problem with John Day providing free drinking water to Prairie City. I do have a problem with providing irrigation water.

Prairie City will need John Day’s water until the area gets enough rain to start the springs and creeks flowing again. There is no quick fix to this problem.

Tom Sutton

John Day


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