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Letter: Candidates should debate

Published on September 11, 2018 4:27PM

To the Editor:

This November, Grant County residents will have an opportunity to choose a new county commissioner. During the primary election this spring, we had several candidates to choose from, and they had a wide range of experiences and ideas of what they had to offer us voters. The two candidates in the upcoming election appear to offer a contrast in philosophies for how county government serves its citizens, but how different are they? In order to find out how they differ, wouldn’t it benefit us all if they shared their views during a public debate, hosted and moderated by an independent third party? Each candidate could share their vision of the role of county government, respond to predetermined questions and even perhaps have the opportunity to ask and respond to a question or two from their opponent. Open debate has always been an important part of the political process to help voters make an informed decision. I hope the two candidates for county commissioner provide this opportunity.

Tim Unterwegner

John Day


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