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Letter: Voting is serious business

Published on October 9, 2018 4:41PM

To the Editor:

In November, we will be voting for a new county commissioner. This is a serious decision you will be making. We are not in high school any more so this is not a popularity contest. Nor are we selecting someone that will look handsome behind the desk. And it is a nonpartisan position. We need to be selecting the man that can best fill the position.

The county is very much like a business. The county judge and commissioners are the business heads of our county. Which one of these men has the background experience and wisdom to best fill the position? Which one has the best temperament and experience to be able to work with the various government agencies that he will be dealing with? This is a serious decision. Think hard before you vote.

Another thing: I hear lots of noise about the Forest Service. As much as some people would like, the Forest Service is not going to go away. About 70 percent of our county is federally owned. Even if the county could take the land over, it takes lots of money to operate a forest the size of our forest. The county does not have that kind of money, and last I checked, volunteers are in short supply. So get real. Which one of these men can best work with the Forest Service?

Again, voting for the best man to fill the commissioner’s position is serious business. Select the man that can best do the job.

Sandra Sutton

John Day


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