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Letters: Oct. 10, 2018

This week’s letters to the editor.

Published on October 9, 2018 4:42PM

Showing up for our communities

To the Editor:

What we know about Gordon Larson is that he shows up for small communities. In the small community of Seneca, we saw Gordon Larson consistently represent Seneca School while he was on the Grant School District 3 board. He understood that the school is the heart of a community. Now, we see Gordon Larson visiting communities all around the county to explain his own ideas and qualifications and, more importantly, to hear about their concerns about education, economic development, technology and rural health care. That is what we call communication and commitment to serving all of Grant County. We are joining others across the county in voting for our county’s future by supporting Gordon Larson for county commissioner.

Mark and Adele Cerny

Bear Valley

‘Kavanaugh deserves a medal’

To the Editor:

Judge Kavanaugh deserves a medal, the actress an Academy Award.

Richie Colbeth

John Day

‘We need a builder not a breaker’

To the Editor:

I have worked and lived in Grant county for over 15 years. I’ve seen firsthand our county’s continued decline. I see the empty storefronts, the houses for sale as friends and families reluctantly move away. I see businesses struggling or failing and have watched as far too many of our children (our most precious resource) leave Grant County because of lack of meaningful opportunities.

I’ve also seen the rise of the politics of anger and divisiveness: a them-versus-us mentality where catchphrases are substituted for substance, and noise for content.

Thankfully we have the opportunity to elect Gordon Larson. For over 20 years, Gordon and his family have lived and worked in Grant County. He made a career of public service to its citizens and volunteered his own time in further service to Grant County.

A strong conservative, Gordon is a working rancher and timber owner who fully understands on a personal and practical basis the critical relationship between the public lands and the future of Grant County.

However, Gordon’s greatest strength is his willingness to hear other opinions. I know from experience he will engage with people of differing viewpoints respectfully and constructively with the goal of solving problems, not winning arguments.

We need a commissioner who will strive for a better tomorrow for all the citizens of Grant County. I urge one and all to vote for Gordon Larson for county commissioner. We need a builder not a breaker.

Dennis Dickenson

Canyon City

Larson listens and has experience

To the Editor:

Gordon Larson hears us. When I attend Grant County Court sessions Gordon is there. Gordon is listening. He is hearing our concerns.

Gordon is running for county commissioner. Our county court is the administrative body for Grant County. Gordon has the experience needed to serve our county as commissioner. He understands the economic challenges we face in Grant County. Gordon has served on our school board. He understands the challenges our kids face as they look to their future. Gordon has a positive approach to solving problems. We need that.

My vote is for the person who listens to us and understands the responsibilities of commissioner. Let’s vote for the person who has the background and experience to be our county commissioner. Gordon Larson has that experience. He listens to us, and he will listen to you.

Eva Harris

Canyon City

‘Elect Gordon Larson and start getting things done’

To the Editor:

A very important election cycle is upon us with huge ramifications at the national, state and local levels. In my opinion, the majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate on the national level need to remain under Republican majorities, or we may well see all of the amazing progress in this country over the last two years dissolve away.

On the local level, we have two paths we can take when it comes to electing a Grant County commissioner. We can stick to the same old tired issues that get hashed around over and over with no real bearing on the future of this county, or we can elect Gordon Larson and start getting things done. For those of you who are voting on name recognition alone, take a few minutes to actually check the credentials and the community service records of both contestants. Gordon Larson has far-reaching connections and influence, which would translate to a better future for our kids and a more business-friendly climate that would bring much-needed investment and job potential to this county. Instead of continuing to dwell on the negative, elect an individual that is continually optimistic, driven and cares the most about the two most important aspects of Grant County and beyond, our youth and our economy. Elect Gordon Larson Grant County commissioner.

Dan Maynard

John Day

Recognizing Walden’s accomplishments

To the Editor:

I want to point out the work Rep. Walden has done for the people of Oregon. It seems that much of the good work that he has accomplished has gone unnoticed.

I spent a good portion of my Forest Service career working as a wildland firefighter. I have seen the benefits of proper forest management and know from firsthand experience how important it is to have the tools and ability to manage our forests before fires even begin. Additionally, when fires do start, it is so important to have the resources to properly and efficiently suppress them.

Greg Walden has been leading the fight when it comes to giving wildfire suppression forces the resources they need, as well as working to give communities the tools they need to reduce impacts from and prevent wildfire.

A major win from Rep. Walden, over this last Congress, was fixing the way wildfire suppression is paid for — so the money allotted for fire prevention efforts is used for that purpose!

Most recently, Rep. Walden secured aid funding for farmers and ranchers impacted by the Substation Fire, showing once again that he is aware of the needs of the district, and works hard to represent the people of Eastern Oregon.

Greg Walden’s efforts have also been instrumental in other key pieces of legislation that will help rural Oregon:

“House passes Walden bill to protect Crooked River Ranch- Crooked River Ranch Fire Protection Act aims to reduce risk of wildfire for local community.”

“Greg Walden secures key priorities for Oregon- Supports House passage of government funding measure,” which includes: forest management reform; Klamath Basin drought relief; combating the opioid crisis; funding critical mental health programs; Ray Baum’s Act (insuring that rural communities get broadband); Brownfield’s re-authorization (development of old industrial sites).

Nancy Rencken


Voting is serious business

To the Editor:

In November, we will be voting for a new county commissioner. This is a serious decision you will be making. We are not in high school any more so this is not a popularity contest. Nor are we selecting someone that will look handsome behind the desk. And it is a nonpartisan position. We need to be selecting the man that can best fill the position.

The county is very much like a business. The county judge and commissioners are the business heads of our county. Which one of these men has the background experience and wisdom to best fill the position? Which one has the best temperament and experience to be able to work with the various government agencies that he will be dealing with? This is a serious decision. Think hard before you vote.

Another thing: I hear lots of noise about the Forest Service. As much as some people would like, the Forest Service is not going to go away. About 70 percent of our county is federally owned. Even if the county could take the land over, it takes lots of money to operate a forest the size of our forest. The county does not have that kind of money, and last I checked, volunteers are in short supply. So get real. Which one of these men can best work with the Forest Service?

Again, voting for the best man to fill the commissioner’s position is serious business. Select the man that can best do the job.

Sandra Sutton

John Day


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