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Deputies getting clip-on cameras

Deputies will wear cameras to record encounters with suspects and traffic stops.

Blue Mountain Eagle

Published on March 26, 2014 1:14PM

Sheriff Glenn Palmer

Eagle file photo

Sheriff Glenn Palmer

CANYON CITY – The Grant County Sheriff’s Office is getting new wearable cameras for patrol deputies and reserve officers.

Sheriff Glenn Palmer told the Grant County Court last week he had obtained approval of about $5,000 grant from CIS to pay for 16 devices. That will include some to hold as backup devices.

The Court gave him the go-ahead to purchase the equipment with money from the budgeted contingency fund. The grant would then reimburse that spending.

Palmer said the tiny cameras clip onto the officers shirts and can be used to record various encounters.

In cases of traffic stops and suspect contacts, the recordings “get the story straight,” he said.

“You don’t have that ‘he said, she said,’ because it’s all there,” he said.

He also expects to use some of the devices for corrections officers when they deal with difficult situations and inmates.

He said the cameras are helpful to deal with liability issues and use of force questions, and to identify training needs.

The new recorders are made by Tasar, he said.

His office previously had some lapel devices of a different brand device, but some have worn out and others have broken with routine use.


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