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Stewart Scholarship can help ‘change lives’

Stewart Scholarship recipients receive help with their higher education goals.
Angel Carpenter

Blue Mountain Eagle

Published on August 26, 2014 12:57PM

JOHN DAY – On the road to higher education goals, 121 recipients of the Stewart Scholarship will be assisted with significant financial awards thanks to the late benefactors Wayne Stewart and his son Eminger Stewart III.

The amount for this year’s scholarship distribution was $594,000.

Reaching the highest amount distributed since the scholarships began in 2008, the total is $153,200 higher than last year’s distribution, and the amount of each scholarship is greater than the past.

Cheri Chaffey, trust officer of U.S. Bank’s private client group in Bend, said the total distribution amount depends on how well the stock market performs each year.

The Stewart father and son made a provision in their wills for a perpetual education fund to be set up upon their death, leaving their fortunes to further the education of “worthy young residents of Grant County.”

Mark Witty, Grant School District No. 3 superintendent, said he appreciates the vision and foresight of the Stewarts.

“It will be difficult to ascertain the positive impact on our community,” he said, “These types of things can really changes lives. It will allow these students to build skills and be of more value to their families and the community as a whole.”

For more information, visit www.grantesd.k12.or.us and click on “Stewart Scholarship” at the bottom of the page.

The following are the scholarship recipients who consented to have their names published and the amount granted to each.

Receiving $4,400:

Holmstrom, Cherise

Williams, Lane

Lallatin, Jacob

Shaffer, Josh

Receiving $4,900:

Ackerman, Jordan

Adair, Kyra

Alling, Shaylee

Andrews, Hannah

Averett, Ian

Barrietua, Kayla

Batease, Caleb

Bentz, Daniel

Bentz, Rachel

Billman, Tucker

Brandsma, Hannah

Buce, Jake

Buckhaults, Sabrina

Cade, Mary

Callahan, Kieron

Carpenter, Kyle

Carpenter, Zachary

Cary, Katie A.

Cates, Hailey

Charette, Stephan

Coalwell, Levi

Combs, Jacob

Conner, Ember

Croghan, Shannon

Croghan, Stephanie

Davis, McKenzie

DeHaven, Christina

DeHaven, Dominic

Dehiya, Ersela

DesJardin, David

Donohue, Mikeala

Erickson, Kyle

Frazier, Mariah

Gagnon, Levi

Gardner, Garret

Gee, Lydia

Groves, Brenton

Harvey, Reuben

Hitz, Jordan

Hoeffner, Mary Ellen

Houser, Rayce

Houser, Rayne

Inscore, Renee

Kell, Derek

Kell, Kailey

Knieriem, Kyler

Knieriem, Rachelle

Kygar, Alex

Labhart, Brent

Lallatin, Audrey

Lane, Dustin

Lane, Jessica

Lane, Nicole

Larson, Justin

Lippert, Dustin

Lippert, Jaylee

Lovemark, Carrie

Luttrell, Mikayla

Manitsas, Kathryn

Manitsas, Matthew

Martens, Jill

McCloskey, Melissa

McConnell, Hailey

McLeod, Natasha

Metcalf, Ashley

Metcalf, Kristine

Miller-Sohr, Barbara

Molt, Cheyenne

Nash, Kennedy

Nash, Mackinsey

Neal, Garth

Neal, Kailey

Nelson, Kody Ray

Page, Katrina

Patel, Ankit

Patten, Caitlin

Piazza, Nick

Powell, Hunter

Powell, Walker

Radinovich, Paiton

Reynolds, Jake

Richardson, Karissa

Ross, Sina

Schulze, Sawyer

Smith, Taylor

Snyder, Samantha

Sohr, Trent

Stearns, Jared

Thompson, Preslie

Vandehey, Brandy

Waldner, Jake

Waltenburg, Daryl Ann

Warner, Payton

Weymouth, Lindsey

Wilson, Breanna

Wilson, Kiaya

Wilson, Morgan

Winegar, Tel W.

Winters, Colten

Winters, Shyanne

Witty, Braden

Woodbury, Marika

Wright, Sarah

Wright, Tucker

Wyllie, Zackary


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