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Ferrioli shows up at governor’s swearing-in

Senator agreed to show up for the event, but only to show solidarity with the GOP leadership.

Blue Mountain Eagle

Published on February 23, 2015 10:31AM

SALEM – State Sen. Ted Ferrioli attended last week’s installation of Gov. Kate Brown after all.

Ferrioli stirred some criticism Feb. 13 when he said he wouldn’t attend the ceremony, but planned to drive home to John Day from Salem instead.

Last Wednesday, Feb. 18, he issued a statement noting that the decision to skip the event “could easily have been misconstrued as being about Kate Brown as governor of Oregon.”

“That was not my intent,” he said.

The statement noted that both Sen. Jackie Winters (R-Salem) and Senate President Peter Courtney (D-Salem) had urged him to attend to escort the new governor, and he agreed.

“I told President Courtney that I would be honored to escort the governor, but not as a show solidarity with Democrat Caucus Leaders who are running a destructive, divisive, partisan agenda using their supermajority status to flatten all opposition,” Ferrioli said.

He also described his change in plans as a demonstration of solidarity with House Republican Leader Mike McLane (R-Powell Butte).

“I will attend because it is the right thing to do and because it is an honor to be asked,” he said. “Most of all, I will attend to remind the majority party that all Oregonians expect Legislators to look beyond a Portland-centric political agenda and do what is right for Oregonians wherever they may reside.”

Later in the day, the GOP leader, McLane, issued a statement congratulating the governor and her family “on this important day.”

“I’m hopeful that Gov. Brown will guide our state in a bipartisan manner and I look forward to working with her to serve all Oregonians,” McLane said.

Ferrioli’s initial decision to skip the ceremony drew criticism from Democratic constituents, who wrote letters to the editor and called in their protests.

For more on the ceremony and other news out of Salem, see stories in the Capital Bureau section on MyEagleNews.com.


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