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Senior woman warns of phone scam

Seneca resident didn't fall for a phone scam, but wants to warn others.

Published on June 30, 2015 2:21PM

Caller poses as grandson wanting bail money

By Angel Carpenter

Blue Mountain Eagle

SENECA – A telephone scammer June 17 caused a scary situation for Seneca resident Karyl Newton.

The caller posed as her grandson and asked for $2,000 in bail money.

Newton, who has 25 grandchildren, said the caller was skillful at drawing information from her to make it seem he could be one of her grandsons, and soon she was emotionally involved in the call.

Fortunately, she took the caller’s number and said she would call back after speaking with her husband who was due home at lunchtime.

Her husband made the call back and asked questions.

As soon as the scammer said he wanted the money wired from a certain grocery store – which wasn’t located in Grant County – he hung up on the caller.

Karyl called her grandson’s number, and to her relief found he was returning to work after his lunch break.

“They make these calls randomly and hook you by making it look like they’re in distress,” said Karyl.

She followed up with a call to the Grant County Sheriff’s Office.

Officials say to talk as little as you can, ask for a name and number, call the “actual” person they claim to be and report it to the Sheriff’s Office. However, many times the callers use throw-away cellphones and can’t be tracked.

Karyl said she wants to warn others, especially women who are alone.

“They are preying on the elderly,” she said.


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