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Scholarships help Grant County students

A total of $581,000 is dispersed to 117 students to help with their higher ed journey, thanks to the Stewart Scholarship.
Angel Carpenter

Blue Mountain Eagle

Published on October 27, 2015 3:08PM

BEND – Aspiring to higher education goals, 117 recipients of the Wayne Stewart Scholarship received funds to help them on that path.

Renee Boe of U.S. Bank’s Private Client Group in Bend announced this year’s total distribution amount is $581,000.

Last year, $590,900 was distributed to 121 individuals. The amount depends on how the stock market performs.

The scholarships are a bonus to Grant County students of all ages who qualify, thanks to the late benefactors Wayne Stewart of Dayville and his son Eminger Stewart III who made provisions in their wills for a perpetual education fund to be set up upon their death.

In her emailed announcement Boe added, “Our thoughts go out to all those affected by the Canyon Creek fire.”

For more information about the scholarship, visit www.grantesd.k12.or.us and click on the “Stewart Scholarship” at the bottom right of the page.

Scholarship recipients, receiving $5,000:

Averett, Ian

Batease, Caleb

Bauman, Rhiannon

Bentz, Daniel

Billman, Tucker

Born, Rebecca

Bowden, Charli

Brandsma, Hannah

Bullock, Lindsay

Callahan, Kieron

Carter, Gerald

Coalwell, Levi

Conner, Ember

Croghan, Shannon

Croghan, Stephanie

DeHaven, Dominic

Dehiya, Ersela

Delano, Logan

Deming, Hannah

Donohue, Mikeala

Emmel, Triston

Erickson, Kyle

Flower, Sage

Frazier, Mariah

Gabignaud, Justin

Gagnon, Levi

Gardner, Carli

Harper, Lucinda

Hensley, Katie

Hitz, Michel

Holmstrom, Cherise

Holmstrom-Houpt, Vanessa

Homan, Jaine

Houser, Rayce

Houser, Rayne

Inscore, Renee

Jones, Jonie

Joel, Kelsey

Joslin, Justin

Kell, Kailey

Knieriem, Rachelle

Labhart, Brent

Lallatin, Amy

Lane, Jessica

Larson, Justin

Long, Kelsey

Lutrell, Michael

Lutrell, Mikayla

Manitsas, Matthew

Manitsas, Tyler

McCloskey, Jennifer

McCloskey, Melissa

McConnell, Hailey

McLeod, Natosha

McNeil, Sarah

Metcalf, Ashley

Metcalf, Kristine

Meyerholz, Mariah

Molt, Cheyenne

Moulton, Mitchell

Nash, Trinity

Nelson, Kody

Olivera-Sanchez, Adilene

Page, Katrina

Peterson-Carpenter, Michelle

Powell, Hunter

Powell, Walker

Rogers, Mark

Sandersfeld, Diana

Schmadeka, Taylor

Sharp, Riley

Schulze, Sawyer

Skinner, Joshua

Slinkard, Ashley

Smith, Brittany

Snow, Breanna

Snyder, Samantha

Sohr, Trent

Stearns, Jared

Stearns, Sydney

Stewart, Lindsey

Waldner, Auna

Waldner, Jake

Walker, Melissa

Waltenburg, Daryl Ann

Williams, Cody

Wilson, Breanna

Wilson, Kelsi

Winegar, Jessica

Winegar, Tel

Winter, Patricia

Winters, Shyanne

Witty, Braden

Wright, Sarah

Wunz, Joseph

Wunz, Lydia

Wyllie, Zackary

Yankee, Mary

Scholarship recipients receiving $4,000:

Childers, Treiquella

McClellan, Linda

Molt, Samantha


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