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Grant available for museums, cemeteries, historic properties

The State Historic Preservation Office is offering grants for work on historic properties and for archaelogy projects.

Blue Mountain Eagle

Published on January 29, 2016 4:53PM

SALEM — The state of Oregon is offering several grant opportunities to assist cemeteries, museums, archaeology projects and other historic locations with necessary work and improvements.

The Oregon State Historic Preservation Office is offering annual grants which fund up to $20,000 in matching funds for grants for preservation work on historic properties and for archaeology projects. Preserving Oregon Grants fund preservation of historic buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Diamonds in the Rough Grants help restore or reconstruct the facades of buildings that have been heavily altered over the years.

The Oregon Commission on Historic Cemeteries is offering grants to fund projects that preserve qualified historic cemeteries. Projects funded in the past include marker repair workshops, fencing, signs, interpretive panels and brochures, security lighting, access improvements, records management and more. The awards typically range from $1,000-6,000, but have been higher. Anyone can apply.

The Oregon Heritage Commission is offering grants to qualified museums for collections projects, heritage tourism, and education and interpretation projects. Awards typically range from $2,000-10,000. Collections may include cataloging, archival storage, disaster preparedness and conservation. Heritage tourism projects may include museum marketing and promotions, enhancing visitor experience and training for museum staff. Education and interpretation projects may include exhibits, online education, school classes, workshops and camps.

For more information, contact Kuri Gill at Kuri.Gill@oregon.gov or 503-0986-0685, or visit www.oregonheritage.org.


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