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Long Creek voters may decide pot issue

Long Creek City Council did not take action on pot permit.

By Sean Hart

Blue Mountain Eagle

Published on March 17, 2016 12:44PM

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The fate of a potential pot-growing operation in Long Creek is still uncertain.

Long Creek City Council members did not take action at last week’s meeting on a conditional use permit application from a prospective grower, because the council president was absent for medical reasons, Mayor Don Porter said after the meeting.

Porter said about 30 people showed up at the meeting, and he was pleased the community was engaged on the issue. He said the council would discuss the issue again in April — at a special or regular meeting — and referring the matter to voters would be on the agenda.

“This decision has a widespread public impact, and I feel it’s too important to be decided by four or five people sitting behind this table,” he said. “This matter needs to be decided by the voting public that it will impact. Measure 91 has provisions in place (to refer the matter to voters), and we are exploring them at this time.”

Porter said, because legal marijuana is so new, many questions about regulations and zoning remain unanswered. He said he hoped more would be known by November.

Long Creek resident Brent Near spoke at the meeting and said he also believed voters should decide the issue. Near said he did not believe commercial marijuana operations should be allowed, but he would accept whatever resulted from a vote.

“At the end of the day, the people will vote and the people will decide,” he said. “I just really want it to be in front of the whole community, because the whole community has the right. My opinion is there’s no way it’s going to get voted for commercialization, but if people vote in commercialization, that’s just the way it is.”


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