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The science of sex offenders

By Rylan Boggs

Blue Mountain Eagle

Published on November 22, 2016 4:33PM

Last changed on November 22, 2016 4:37PM

Kim McDonald (left) and Cory Jewell Jensen (right) pose for a photo outside the Grant County airport on Tuesday, Nov. 15.

The Eagle/Rylan Boggs

Kim McDonald (left) and Cory Jewell Jensen (right) pose for a photo outside the Grant County airport on Tuesday, Nov. 15.

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Child sex abuse is often difficult to talk about, but Cory Jewel Jensen has centered her career around just that.

Jensen, the co-director at CBI Consulting, drew a crowd of roughly 80 people to the Grant County Regional Airport for a presentation about sexual predators on Tuesday, Nov. 15.

Judges, lawyers, police officers and others learned how sex offenders think and operate. The presentation showed the selection, engagement and seduction of children and adults by sex offenders.

Jensen explained scientifically why sex offenders become offenders, how they groom victims and how to identify them.

Andrea Officer, victim assistance director at the Grant County District Attorney’s Office, attended the presentation and said Jensen had “an amazing wealth of information.” Officer said the presentation would help her perform her job by giving her additional tools, information and contacts. She said she was impressed with the range of people at the presentation.

Officer said she learned during the presentation offenders often molest many children before being caught. Jensen identified exposure to pornography at a young age as a common thread for offenders.

They reviewed research on what kind of interview techniques work with offenders, learned about factors that contributed to confessions and heard testimony from those who confessed.

Jensen said very few sex offenders are treatable, but support systems can be built around them. She said it requires a lot of treatment for them to not be a danger to society.

Jensen previously served as the executive director at the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers. She was the recipient of Oregon’s Commercial Crime Prevention Award and has been a featured guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Jensen donated her time, and the presentation was free for those who attended.

She said she enjoys working in her field, but there is a high demand for more people due to a high burnout rate among workers.

Facts about sex offenders

• 35 to 40 percent of sexual crimes against children are committed by juveniles.

• 52 percent of adult sex offenders say people knew they were offending and failed to report them.

• One in five women and one in 71 men will be raped during their lifetime.

• Children who have been molested are more likely to be re-abused by a new offender.

• 4 to 7 percent of the population are child sex offenders.

Information from Cory Jewel Jensen’s Nov. 15 presentation in Grant County.


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