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Published on January 31, 2017 4:48PM

Arrests and citations in the Blue Mountain Eagle are taken from the logs of law enforcement agencies. Every effort is made to report the court disposition of arrest cases.

Grant County Sheriff

CANYON CITY — The Grant County Sheriff’s Office reported the following for the week of Jan. 19-25:

• Concealed handgun licenses: 10

• Average inmates: 6

• Bookings: 2

• Releases: 4

• Citations: 2

• Fingerprints: 6

• Civil papers: 26

• Warrants processed: 4

• Asst./welfare check: 2

• Failure to use lights: Brady Burch, 19, John Day.

• Possession of marijuana by person under 21: Feilen Sayers, 19, John Day.

Justice Court

CANYON CITY — The Grant County Justice Court reported the following fines and judgments:

• Dog as a public nuisance: Mallory Rose Thomas, 26, John Day, Aug. 5, fined $260.

• Lending, borrowing or selling big game tag: Joshua Ryan Ewings, 28, Dayville, Dec. 31, fined $110.

• Exceeding speed limit: Dustin R. Stephens, 25, Haines, Nov. 16, 75/64 zone, fined $160.

• Driving uninsured: Tyler Duane Dehiya, 23, Mt. Vernon, Dec. 27, fined $130.

• Driving while suspended: Stephanie Michelle Kingsmith, 26, Mt. Vernon, Sept. 19, fined $435.


John Day dispatch worked 202 calls during the week of Jan. 23-29 Along with the various traffic warnings, trespassing, injured animals, noise complaints and juvenile complaints, these calls included:

• John Day Police

Jan. 24: Took a report of telephonic harassment. Both parties were advised to not contact each other.

Jan. 25: Investigated a hit-and-run accident. Responded to a bank hold-up alarm at Umpqua Bank in John Day; it was a false alarm.

Jan. 27: Responded to a report of a unwanted disorderly subject at Valley View Assisted Living and arrested a 49-year-old John Day man.

• Grant County Sheriff

Jan. 23: Responded with Oregon State Police to a report of someone’s windshield being shot while driving.

Jan. 24: Advised of a possible trespass in Mt. Vernon and responded later in the day.

Jan. 26: Dispatched to a report of criminal mischief to a vehicle.

Jan. 27: Contacted a vehicle with a gas hose hanging out of its tank.

Jan. 28: Received a report of a male subject going through vehicles on South Canyon Boulevard. Received a complaint of protesters wandering into the road.

Jan. 29: Advised of a suspicious vehicle following a John Day resident.

• John Day ambulance

Jan. 25: Dispatched with Prairie City Ambulance for a 51-year-old male who was hit in the head with a metal bed frame.

Jan. 27: Responded to a 26-year-old male with loss of consciousness and difficulty breathing.


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