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Primozic looking forward to being back on council

Rylan Boggs

Blue Mountain Eagle

Published on January 31, 2017 4:49PM

Prairie City City Council member Frank Primozic

The Eagle/Rylan Boggs

Prairie City City Council member Frank Primozic

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Primozic served one term as a city councilor, took a one-term hiatus and is now beginning his second term as a city councilor. Primozic volunteers at the Dewitt Museum in Prairie City and wants to help with projects like the new sewer system and other water projects. He was born in Wise River, Montana, and moved to Prairie City in 2004.

Primozic started volunteering at the Depot Museum in 2005 because his family was involved with the museum.

“The railroad opened up the John Day Valley to the 20th century,” Primozic said.

Ranchers and farmers utilized the railroad to quickly and efficiently transport animals and crops.

He enjoys learning about the history of the railroad, which reminded him of his hometown of in Montana. A roughly 100-person town in southwest Montana, Wise River had a similar railroad to that of the John Day Valley.

“Coming to Prairie City was kind of like coming to the big time for me,” Primozic said. He has also lived in Denver and New Mexico.

His one-term hiatus from serving on the city council was a result of a DUII accident right before elections.

He crashed into two Prairie City businesses in September of 2010.

“I’m sorry for what I did,” Primozic said following the incident. “I plan on living my life differently.”

Prairie City Mayor Jim Hamsher spoke positively about Primozic. He was not worried Primozic’s past would affect his service to the city and had complete faith in him.

“I think he’s a very knowledgeable council member and very active in the council,” Hamsher said. “Overall, he’s a very good thinker.”


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