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Election results: Weigum, Sharp, Culley elected to parks and rec board

Hitz, Desadier, Haley Walker elected to school boards.

Blue Mountain Eagle

Published on May 17, 2017 12:14PM

Grant County Airport Manager Haley Walker speaks to the Grant County Court in this file photo. Walker was elected to the Grant School District board in Tuesday’s election.

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Grant County Airport Manager Haley Walker speaks to the Grant County Court in this file photo. Walker was elected to the Grant School District board in Tuesday’s election.

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Members were elected to a variety of boards in Tuesday’s election.

Four races were contested in Grant County, three school board positions and a five-way race for three positions on the John Day-Canyon City Parks and Recreation District. A total of 1,425 ballots were counted, according to unofficial election results.

For the parks and rec district, the winners were Lisa Weigum with 475 votes, Douglas Sharp with 358 and Christal Culley with 353. Heather Rookstool received 282 votes, and Darin Toy received 196.

For Grant School District No. 3’s Zone 2, Haley Walker was elected with 414 votes, over Josh Walker with 318.

Nancy Hitz garnered 114 votes for Prairie City School District’s Position 2, over Daniel Tremblay with 83.

In the race for at large Position 2 for Monument School District, Brittany Desadier received 71 votes, over Elizabeth Lovelock with 34 and Jamie Schafer with 32.

County Clerk Brenda Percy said the election had a turnout of 27.64 percent, 1,425 ballots from 5,154 eligible voters. She said two ballots had not been counted Wednesday morning, and 10 ballots with signature discrepancies were challenged. She said the voters for the challenged ballots would have 20 days to address the issue.

Several positions lacked candidates. Write-in votes were filed in the election, but the outstanding votes could potentially change the results.

For Mid-county Cemetery District, Dorman Gregory received the most write-in votes with seven out of 34 total. Pat Still received six of the nine write-in votes for Fox Cemetery District. Lori Hire received four of 15 write-in votes for Prairie Rural Fire District. For Education Service District Zone 5, eight write-in votes were received, but no candidate received the three-vote minimum required.

Most of the county races were not contested.

Katy Nelson, Shilo Fretwell and Robert Cockrell were elected for the Education Service District.

Jim Jerome, Bryan Nelson and Linda Cook were elected for Grant County Transportation District.

For Dayville School District, Babette Larson, Casey Fretwell and Tandi Merkord were elected.

Patti Hudson, Marsiellette Watson, Bubba Wainwright and Mike Gibson were elected for Long Creek School District.

In addition to Haley Walker, Kelly Stokes, Ben Holliday and Chris Cronin were elected for Grant School District.

Justin Jacobs Lindsay Rausch and Mike Wall will serve with Hitz for Prairie City School District.

Along with Desadier, Vonda Stubblefield, Jeff Thomas and Maria Thomas were elected for Monument School District.

Pat Holliday, Bill Wilcox and Todd McKinley were elected for John Day Rural Fire District.

For Mt. Vernon Rural Fire District, Dan Komning, Willis Kimball and Homer Harrison were elected.

Levi Voigt was elected for one of two Prairie Rural Fire District positions.

Karla Averett, Ryan Gerry and Linda Ladd were elected for Blue Mountain Hospital District.

For Dayville Cemetery District, Jody Winkelman and Gibb Gregg were elected.

Kenneth Brooks was elected to one of two Fox Cemetery District positions.

Jacqueline Burnette and Valores Hall were elected for Long Creek Cemetery District.

Mike Moore was elected for one of two Mid-county Cemetery District positions.

Barb Reilly was elected for Monument Cemetery District.

Marlene Woodley was elected for Prairie Cemetery District.


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