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Law enforcement agencies filling positions

Prairie City contract still under consideration.
Richard Hanners

Blue Mountain Eagle

Published on June 26, 2018 5:01PM

The Grant County Sheriff’s Office logo on one of its vehicles. The sheriff’s office is seeking to fill new positions.

Eagle file photo

The Grant County Sheriff’s Office logo on one of its vehicles. The sheriff’s office is seeking to fill new positions.

Grant County residents will see some changes in law enforcement services in the next few months, as some existing positions are refilled and one new position is created for the county jail.

In a June 6 letter to the Grant County Court, Undersheriff Zach Mobley requested the addition of two positions to the sheriff’s office. The county court tabled the request at their June 13 meeting, citing insufficient information at that time.

County Judge Scott Myers said it was his understanding the two positions would be filled by current sheriff’s office personnel, but there would be an increase in sheriff’s office staff size by one position.

Grant County Treasurer Julie Ellison told the Eagle the costs of the two positions were not yet included in the draft budget.

According to Mobley’s request, a new patrol sergeant position would have both patrol and office duties. The goal would be to have a supervisor on the road seven days a week. The salaried position would pay $57,800 per year.

The second position would be a jail sergeant rotating with Sgt. Josh Wolf to provide a supervisor in the jail seven days a week. The position would pay $57,800 per year, same as the current jail sergeant.

“With our current jail contracts and our increase in inmate population due to these contracts, we have to call people in to help the current sergeant with the increased work load,” Mobley said. “This would help relieve this work load and the increase we have with overtime and part-time employees.”

The Prairie City City Council discussed a proposed police contract with the sheriff’s office during their June 13 meeting. The city’s contract with John Day will end June 30. No decision was made by the council.

The county contract would be similar to the John Day contract, Mobley told the Eagle, with a cost that could be accommodated by the city’s budget. With no contract in place, sheriff’s deputies would continue to respond to emergency calls from Prairie City but wouldn’t handle property crimes. Volume-wise, the sheriff’s office would respond as available without a contract, Mobley said.

John Day Interim Police Chief Mike Durr said Sam Stinnett, a corrections deputy at the Grant County Jail, has been hired for the John Day Police Department. Stinnett will start July 9 and head out to the police academy in September.

Sgt. Tom Hutchison said the Oregon State Police was in the process of filling two vacancies at the John Day Work Site.


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