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Triathlon supports hunger causes

Angel Carpenter

Blue Mountain Eagle

Triathlon for Hunger draws 37 participants, supporting local and worldwide hunger programs.

JOHN DAY – On a quest to be the quickest, 37 athletes rose to the challenge of the sixth annual Triathlon for Hunger.

Starting at Gleason Pool in John Day, participants swam 10 laps, biked 12.4 miles and ran 3.1 miles – all to support two hunger-relief programs, one at home and one abroad.

The youngest in the race, 8-year-old Adam Rushton of Baker City, showed his stamina, completing the race as an individual.

His dad, Dr. Michael Rushton, won the men’s division and was overall winner with a time of 0:56.22. He swam in 0:7.36; biked, 0:29.30; and ran, 0:19.16.

Adam’s sister 14-year-old Charity won the women’s division in 1:14.34. She swam in 0:07.38; biked, 0:39.30; and ran, 0:27.26.

The winning team was the Reames Team, finishing in 1:07.33. Jessica Reames swam in 09.45; Clark Reames biked in 35.31; and Dr. Andrew Janssen ran in 22.17.

Seven out of 12 Rushton family members were in the race – all competing individually.

“We do fun runs, 5Ks and triathlons – it’s our family thing that we do together,” said Rebekah Rushton, 17.

“It’s fun seeing your family members cheering on the side,” Charity said. “It makes your bike go faster.”

She said she especially enjoyed supporting the hunger programs.

Organizer Dr. Andrea Janssen competed for the first time since the race started in 2009.

“It was well worth it,” she said. “It was for a great cause.”

All entry fees go toward hunger relief.

Half of the $1,400 raised will go to the three smaller food banks in Grant County – the Methodist Food Pantry, Monument Food Pantry and Prairie City Food Bank – and the other half will be donated to the Malawi Children’s Village in Africa which provides food and school support to orphans living in the village.

Winners of the triathlon received the race’s traditional prizes – baskets filled with a variety of food.

Kelsey Long, a Grant Union High School senior, and her mom Kristin Long of Seneca competed as individuals.

It was Kelsey’s fourth time in the race, and her mom’s third.

“We like to challenge ourselves,” Kristin said. “It’s fun to get out there and see what you can do.”

Kelsey improved her overall time by 10 minutes this year and said training all summer and attending a cross country conditioning camp helped.

“We do lap swims together, so that helps a lot,” Kristin said. “It’s a lot of fun.”

“As long as you train for it,” added her mom.

Triathlon for Hunger results:

Women’s division:

Rushton, Charity, 14-19, 1:14:34

Rushton, Kristen, 30-39, 1:15:47

Rushton, Eliza, 14-19, 1:21:24

Paddock, Genevieve, 30-39, 1:22:03

Rushton, Rebekah, 14-19, 1:24:44

Saul, Laura, 20-29, 1:32:12

Rushton, Mary, 14-19, 1:34:46

Long, Kelsey, 14-19, 1:36:05

Long, Kristin, 50-59, 1:36:19

Janssen, Andrea, 40-49, 1:40:12

Men’s division:

Rushton, Mike, 40-49, 0:56:22

Stewart, Karl, 50-59, 1:06:56

Sling, David, 50-59, 1:10:00

Rushton, Mahonri , 14-19, 1:12:09

Hall, Dave, 30-39, 1:13:14

Bowers, Franklin, 14-19, 1:16:27

Rushton, Seth, 14-19, 1:16:54

Barry, Patrick, 30-39, 1:23:56

Rushton, Adam, 14-19, 1:38:35

Team division:

Reames, Clark, 40-49, 1:07:33

Armstrong, Mary, 40-49, 1:20:49

Plocharsky, Janet, 40-49, 1:21:18

Jacobs, Kim, 40-49, 1:22:03

Gerry, Samantha, 40-49, 1:27:57

Pink Pink, 40-49, 1:30:33

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