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Editorial: Time to catch up, kick back, have fun at the fair

Published on August 5, 2014 2:25PM

County fairs mean different things to different people, sometimes vastly different things in different communities.

Across the state, last week’s Clatsop County Fair was hailed as a renewal of the past – the way past, one might say – harkening back to European harvest festival traditions. Perhaps the other end of the spectrum is the Denver County Fair in Colorado, which drew headlines for a decidedly 21st century twist: a marijuana growers pavilion.

Here in Grant County, our fair sticks a little closer to the heart and the heartland. The Grant County Fair and Rodeo, which runs this Wednesday through Sunday morning, is all about family, community spirit, and this area’s agricultural roots. The fair reflects not just Grant County’s history but also the pride in its youth and historic ties to the land.

And it’s just plain fun.

Of course, there are plenty of big attractions – rodeo competitions, parades, live music and entertainment, not to mention the midway-style carnival rides.

But some of the best stuff is found in the small moments of the fair: Finding a shady spot to listen to the Old Time Fiddlers, munching an American Legion burger, watching a little kid groom a big ol’ steer, checking out the home ec exhibits, and cheering the Little Miss Grant County contestants.

Above all, there’s the quality time spent with old friends. Where else can you go and catch up, in just a day or two, with quite literally everyone you know in the county? It’s like Chester’s on steroids.

This year’s fair promises to be a great time. See you there. – SC


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