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John Day Elks Lodge warns of scam

Blue Mountain Eagle

Published on November 29, 2017 4:00PM

Last changed on November 29, 2017 4:27PM

Officials at the John Day Elks Lodge No. 1824 are warning members that if they receive an email advertising a “Custom Elks Mobile App” to delete it — it’s a scam.

The email proclaims benefits of the app and lists an 800 number and a “Get Started” button, which should not be clicked.

Administrators of the Elks Facebook page say they’ve called the 800 number, which goes to voice mail or “someone from Giant Killer” answers the phone.

They said, “If you ever have a question about something being real or not, call the lodge at 541-575-1824 or visit elks.org” and stressed “Do not click on the ‘Get Started’ button.”

John Day Elks Lodge Exhalted Ruler Sandie Gilson said the email scam is affecting Elks members nationwide.

There are 350 John Day Elks members, and Gilson said she hasn’t heard of anyone receiving the email.

If they do receive one, or anything like it, “use common sense and check and verify,” she said.

Residents should be wary of online and telephone scams, especially during the holidays.


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