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Peruvian visitor shares ancient healing traditions

‘Love, work and service are very, very important.’
Angel Carpenter

Blue Mountain Eagle

Published on July 12, 2018 10:17AM

Peruvian native Silvia Calisaya teaches ancient, natural healing traditions at the Canyon Mountain Center in John Day.

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Peruvian native Silvia Calisaya teaches ancient, natural healing traditions at the Canyon Mountain Center in John Day.

Silvia Calisaya journeyed from the southern Lake Titicaca region of Peru to John Day July 4-6 to share her culture, including the ancient healing traditions of the Peruvian Aymara.

She visited with a group of 15 at the Canyon Mountain Center, a non-denominational well-being and meditation center owned by Jim and Sandy Bay.

“She explained that each person has the power within to heal from traumas that have left us disconnected from our soul,” said Sandy Bay. “The more we release those hurts, the more peaceful we become.”

In her two-hour talk, Calisaya shared the ancient Pre-Incan culture and traditions she grew up learning from her mother and grandmother.

Attendee Tom Winters said it was interesting that the Aymaras believe in the Mayan calendar.

“They understand that the energy on the planet shifted from a male-dominated cycle on Dec. 31, 2012, when the Mayan calendar ended its last 13,000-year cycle, to a female-dominated cycle that is happening now,” he said. “It gives me hope for a more peaceful and loving world.”

Attendee Eva Harris said it was reassuring there are communities where people are civil and treat each other with respect, “recognizing we are all of one earth and share the same needs.”

The Eagle asked Calisaya about her trip, her culture and her advice.

Q: What have you enjoyed about your visit to John Day?

A: I found that the mountains and desert are very similar to Peru. I really enjoyed the Kam Wah Chung Museum. It is a very special place to learn about ancient Chinese medicine traditions.

Q: What did you share with the people here about your philosophy, teachings and traditions?

A: I shared about my culture and how my ancients (the Aymaras) see their connection with the cosmos (the Sun and Moon) and the earth (the Pachamama). My people believe in natural healing and old traditions. Many people have forgotten about the ancient wisdom of our ancestors. My teachings remind people of their connection to the cosmos, the earth and each other.

Q: How were you able to help people here?

A: Sharing my culture, beliefs and traditions help people to remember their connection to their own self-healing power, and the natural healing power of the earth.

Q: What are some simple words of advice that you have for people to guide them to living a good, healthy life?

A: I spoke about three ancient laws of the Aymaras: “Don’t lie, don’t steal and don’t be lazy.” Those laws apply to how we act in the world and also how we treat ourselves. Love, work and service are very, very important. Loving yourself, healing your relationships with your family, friends and the earth are the keys to living a healthy life.


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