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By Frances M. Preston

Published on October 10, 2017 12:00PM

I have the honor of being a guest writer for the Prairie City Senior Center while Rose is away. Don’t worry, she will be back real soon.

On October 4, we had a delicious meal to start off our fall menu. It was advertised as tomato soup with rice and a sandwich, and let me tell you was that ever “false advertising.”

We had a visit to the center by a very special news reporter from the Blue Mountain Eagle — there is a clue further down in the article. As she was preparing her second meal as head cook, Marjean Kosar was also being interviewed. Action, action, action!

Our new head cook, Marjean left us with a whole different feeling about tomato and rice soup. Now let me tell you, I love tomato soup but never in my life have I eaten such delicious tomato and rice soup, officially called Provençal rice soup. Imagine: tomatoes sliced very thin, celery, onions, rice all very fresh and perfectly sautéed served piping hot. If you don’t believe me ask Jim Hamsher and Bruce Kaufman how delicious it was, and then came the grilled ham and cheese sandwich to top that off a broccoli salad to die for; I am not a lover of broccoli but let me tell you that salad was outstanding large pieces of broccoli, raisins, onions, celery, carrots, and a very tasty dressing with a little tang. To end the marvelous meal we had perfectly baked spicy apple cake with cream frosting; yum, yum just ask Angel I think she had some.

Don’t you wish you had been there? You missed out on a special meal much more than “tomato and rice soup with sandwich.” It was enjoyed by 60 very lucky people.

Our big news is we have our new exit handicap accessible ramp completed, final inspection done and ready for business. The bad news is Lorna and Krystin, our usual folks from the Blue Mountain Care Center, weren’t there. We missed them and maybe we can see how the ramp works next week if they can join us. We are excited to have our new ramp which was made possible in part by a grant we received from the Barbara Emily Knudson Charitable Foundation in Portland, whose mission is to promote education, health, and vibrant communities in Oregon. The foundation supports direct service programs and projects to benefit and strengthen families and to assist individuals of all ages with access to resources to meet their basic health and living needs.

So you can be prepared when you join us this Wednesday at noon for lunch at the Prairie City Senior Center 204 N. McHaley Avenue, we want you to come prepared to enjoy the following meal that will be prepared by our New Head Cook, Marjean:


Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Belgian Salad (green beans, peas & corn)


Raisin Squares

See you Wednesday at noon. All welcome.


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