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Published on September 4, 2018 4:35PM

JOHN DAY — I’m enjoying the fresh, crisp mornings now. Everyone looks a little different too, wearing more clothing these days. Ron Dowse and Olivia Cornell were our greeters, and the produce is plentiful on our sharing table for those who want to take some. Thanks to all who are sharing their extra garden goodies. Darlene Nodine and Suzanne Taysom from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints did our service after they finished doing meal deliveries to John Day and Canyon City. David Gill and his group from Step Forward delivered to Mt. Vernon. Altogether, they delivered 28 regular and 32 frozen meals. Well done!

Suzanne led the flag salute to open our time together, Jay Colson won the Len’s Drug gift card and Chrish Hamilton won the free meals. Linda Stoltz had some sweet “special” drawings. She is always on the lookout for happy items to perk up our days. Darlene gave a devotional prayer over our meal, and we dined on barley-stuffed green peppers, glazed carrots and potato rolls and, to celebrate National Banana Lover’s Day, Lisa made her special banana cake for dessert. I then waddled over to the tai chi group. I need to quit enjoying our meals so much! We are happy to welcome Crish Hamilton as our new leader. We will not let go of Ron Flores, but he just wants to be part of our group. Now we have the best of both worlds. As of Sept. 6, the People Mover will pick you up and bring you to the senior center for tai chi, as part of a grant organized by Nora Healy and Blue Mountain Hospital. Call the People Mover for more information at 541-575-2370.

Note: Prairie City Senior Center is still looking for an assistant cook.

Molly Kocis and Everett King were on deck to greet on Thursday, Aug. 30. The Blue Mountain Hospital Auxiliary volunteered, and servers included Mary Lou Horton, Virginia Miller, Mary Jones and Joyce Nodine. Mary Lou and Virginia delivered to John Day and Canyon City, while David Gill and his group took the Mt. Vernon route. Altogether, they delivered 36 regular and 40 frozen meals. Mary Jones led the Pledge of Allegiance, Virginia Binches won the Chester’s Thriftway gift card, Betty Starr won the free meals and Dale Stennett gave the blessing for our meal. The sponsor for our meal was Pravin J. Patel. We dined on Swiss steak, mashed new potatoes and gravy, Venetian veggies, homemade bread and blueberry cobbler. We served six tables. By the way, because we have bingo after lunch on Thursdays, we are having tai chi before lunch on Thursdays from 10:15-11:15 a.m.

We are happy to hear that our friend Ethan is coming back. We have missed your “knuckles.” Don’t forget the Monument Buckaroo Festival Sept. 22, with all proceeds going to the senior center. CASA volunteer training will be Oct. 2. Welcome back, Marcia Leek!

1 Corinthians 1:10 “I appeal to you, brothers and sisters, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree with one another in what you say and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be perfectly united in mind and thought.”

PRAIRIE CITY — Good grief! It’s Labor Day already. Where did the summer and year go? I’ve spent most of it on the road, it seems like. Hopefully Derrol is done with surgeries, and we can have some R&R.

That’s what I like about senior dinner. Gives me some R&R. First is the fun of playing pinochle with friends, then comes a fabulous meal that I did not have to prepare. Doesn’t get much better than that. You should try it out too.

It was August birthday recognition day. Only two people revealed that they had an August birthday, and Del Lake was the winner of the $10 gift certificate donated by Huffman’s Market.

Carlos and Larry did the home deliveries. Juan Rubio led the flag salute, and Jack Retherford asked the blessing. Veanne was here to help in the kitchen again. And she’s getting tired of it. Yoo hoo. Anybody want a part-time job as assistant cook for us? Only takes 10 hours a week, and you get to join in the fun of making such interesting meals.

For instance, the meal was Monterey chicken, marinated tomatoes, watermelon, garlic bread and bread pudding with caramel sauce on it. Tablemate Matt informed us that there are two towns in Mexico with the name Monterey. One has two R’s though. He had to edit a book about the Mexican Revolution, and the author sometimes didn’t indicate clearly which Monterey he was referring to. And you think you have problems? Which reminds me of how people at the other end of the phone/computer line have such a time spelling Prairie. Just be glad it is simple as it is. Now if we could just get people to realize that the town of John Day is not on the Columbia where the dam is.

Meanwhile, back to the announcements: Veanne explained why it is important that everyone over 50 who comes in fills out the registration form for her. And I saw several doing so. Thank you. It helps us get our fair share of federal money. She also announced about Monument’s fall fiesta and Heart of Grant County color bomb fun run. CASA is also going to have a training for new volunteers for that worthy organization. (On a side note, each of the kids in foster care in Grant and Harney counties will be receiving three new books soon.)

Marjean had able help in the kitchen with her grandson Collin and former assistant cook Joy. We appreciate that they were able and willing to help.

Kristin and Kendra rolled in with Thelma Kite and Carl Lino. And they did not bring the bus. Was such a nice day they just walked. Now isn’t that a good advertisement for our community?

Since the library is done, I can work on some of my stuff now. Have to get new floor covering for the kitchen. Finally decided on VCT (don’t know what that the C stands for, but I think the other letters refer to vinyl and tile). So I get to come up with a design. Last one I did was the log cabin quilt pattern. Hmm. I also get to write musical arrangements. Whee.

Psalm 98:1,4,5 “Sing to the Lord a new song… Burst into Jubilant song with music; make music to the Lord with the harp… And the sound of singing.”


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