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Family Health Guide

Care outside the hospital
The road to a healthier body and mind
Here are fitness and nutrition tips for a healthier you.
Why and how to quit smoking
Saving your smile
Five minutes a day keeps the doctor away


HISTORY: The incorrigible exaggerator, philanderer, poet and county judge of Canyon City
Joaquin Miller was many things. Truthful was not always one.
HISTORY: Ranching in the good ol’ days
Billy Drinkwater, nearing his 100th birthday, recalls his early years iof cattle ranching.
HISTORY: ‘Baptized in fire’
HISTORY: Trio of teenage fugitives caught following sensational jail break

Hunting Journal

Interrupted perfect shot becomes fond memory
Satellites and brow tines
Three Izee siblings are on the hunt
What a ride
Big game hunter crafts his own bullets


JOURNEY: Strawberry Wilderness: a great place to get lost
JOURNEY: Take a scenic route to beautiful Arch Rock
JOURNEY: Blue Basin hike holds hidden treasure
JOURNEY: Miles of fun: Hiking trails near John Day
JOURNEY: Ritter Hot Springs: far away in time and distance

Visitor's Guide