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Excerpts of the County Court meetings

Published on January 28, 2014 12:12PM

Excerpts from Grant County Court meetings

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From Jan. 8, 2014:

EASTSIDE FOREST BILL. Last week the court discussed Eastern Oregon Coalition of Counties’ recent statement of review about changes being made to Senator Wyden’s eastside forest bill. Grant County Public Forest Commissioner Larry Blasing had been present to review and discuss the evolution of these changes. At that time Blasing had been asked to provide additional input coming out of the Commission’s next meeting.

Today, Blasing explained this legislation covers seven national forests and would direct forest practices that typically differ or change regularly, so that restriction is a real concern. He provided an overview of the issues that still need to be addressed in the bill. King Williams talked about concerns related to the vagueness of language. It was noted that vagueness was not intended; but prevents the ability to address the best available science to practice on the ground. Public Forest Commissioners (Larry Blasing, King Williams and Brooks Smith) stressed that the management process and management decisions evolve and change over time and should be made by forestry professionals, not by Congressional politicians. It was pointed out that this draft bill would result in removal of the public input process and current scientific considerations, and does not recognize the infrastructure of rural economies. Blasing indicated that the Public Forest Commission plans to take a formal position on the draft bill at their meeting.


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