Page totals climb

Page numbers continue to climb for readers in Grant and Harney counties.

Blue Mountain Eagle

Published on February 18, 2014 3:51PM

JOHN DAY – There sure are some passionate page-turners in Grant County.

Participants in the Million Page Challenge between Grant and Harney counties continue to devour books, racking up page numbers as they go.

According to Grant County Librarian Vicki Waters, after Week 4 of the competition, Grant readers have logged a total of 288,979 pages to Harney’s 212,918 pages.

Top Grant County readers for the past week are Al Cummings, 5,415 pages, Eulala Herbert, 5,258, and Kay Ricker, 5,192.

Participants track their pages read – from print books, e-books or other library materials, or the Library2Go online service – on bookmarks available at the library, and report the total to the library each week.

The Million Page Challenge ends Saturday, March 1.

For more information visit the Grant County Library at 507 S. Canyon Blvd., John Day, or call 541-575-1992.


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