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Prairie City evacuations reduced to Level 2

Published on August 29, 2015 7:37PM

PRAIRIE CITY — All of Prairie City is now under a Level 2 or “be ready to leave at a moment’s notice” evacuation order.

Parts of the city early this morning were put on a Level 3 or “leave immediately” evacuation order.

County road 62 from Prairie City south to the 16 road is open.

According to fire officials handling the Canyon Creek Complex fire, areas that are still under a Level 3 evacuation order include:

• All of Strawberry Road.

• Upper Pine Creek from Berry Ranch Lane and Dean Creek/Baldy Mountain.

• Upper Indian Creek Road from the Y south (including both the 55 and the 71).

• Upper Dog Creek, south of Little Dog Creek.

• The area west of County Road 62, south of the forest boundary (milepost 12) and north of the 16 to the junction of forest road 15/16. County Road 62 and the 16 are open for through travel.

Areas on a Level 2 evacuation order include:

• The area south and west of the 62 Road from Prairie City to the forest boundary.

• Lower Pine.

• Lower Dog.

• Lower Indian Creek.

• Gardner Ranch Lane.

• From J Bar L south to the end of County Road 65.

County Road 60 (Strawberry Road) is closed except for fire traffic and homeowners. Homeowners on the lower Little Canyon Mountain Trail area can also access their homes.

The 15 road remains closed.


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