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Power lines safe for now

Blue Mountain Eagle

Published on August 30, 2015 5:08PM

Although the Canyon Creek wildfire advanced and narrowly missed Prairie City Saturday, Oregon Trail Electric Co-op power lines are, for the immediate foreseeable future, out of harm’s way, according to company officials.

“If the wildfire goes the way that it looks like it is going to go, we dodged a huge bullet,” said Ned Ratterman, OTEC’s director of engineering and operations.

Two OTEC linemen were among those ordered to evacuate their Prairie City homes.

OTEC crews closely monitored the wildfire as it moved away from power line areas. There are no expectations that it will affect power poles.

“There are no major concerns on our part as of right now,” Ratterman said. “But, of course, all of that can change in a heartbeat. We are in a ‘wait-and-see’ game, again. But, we are definitely feeling a lot better about the situation from a power utility standpoint than we were Saturday.”


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