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Rebuilding after the fire

Those whose homes were destroyed or damaged by the Canyon Creek Complex fire can get help in the rebuilding process by contacting the Grant County Planning Department.

Blue Mountain Eagle

Published on September 1, 2015 4:59PM

Last changed on September 8, 2015 2:34PM

CANYON CITY – The Grant County Planning Department is available to assist those whose homes were destroyed or damaged by the Canyon Creek Complex fire and who are ready to begin rebuilding.

Planning department staff share several items to consider and steps required in the process.

For land use application:

• The application needs to be completed within one year from fire.

• Applications will be for replacement dwelling; accessory buildings/outbuildings; pre-existing non-conforming use/structure.

• Multiple structures can be requested on one application. New structures that did not exist before, may be authorized on the same application

• Deed copies necessary for application are provided by the clerk’s office free of charge.

• ORMAP.net is a website resource for getting tax lot maps of your property

For Department of Environmental Quality:

• Property owners must have land use approval first.

• Applicants will need property identification information for the DEQ process, for the township, range, section and tax lots. That information is available at the assessor’s office, or the planning department.

For building permits:

• Property owners must have land use and DEQ approval before a building permit can be issued.

• Permit fees are based on size, use and type of construction.

• Be sure that anyone doing work for you is properly licensed.

• Property owners may work on their own homes, but still need a permit.

• Two sets of plans are generally required, unless they are on 11X17-inch paper or smaller.

Address marker stake:

• Those who need a new address stake, should call the planning department.

Other helpful resources:

• Rapid Response team of Oregon for clean-up assistance. 330-473-9659.

• Army National Guard for clean up and/or restoration. Call the Grant County Fairgrounds office, 541-575-1900.

• Natural Resource Conservation Service for reseeding recommendations. 541-575-0135, ext. 3.

• Farm Service Agency, for forage or livestock loss. 541-523-7121.

• Department of State Lands, for permits for in-stream and bridge work. 541-388-6112.

To contact the DEQ at the Pendleton office, call 541-276-4063. For all other inquiries, call the Grant County Planning Department at 541-575-1519.


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