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Langton located, no longer missing


East Oregonian

Published on February 28, 2018 3:03PM

Drew Langton

Drew Langton

Drew Langton of Pendleton is no longer missing.

Police Chief Stuart Roberts said the U.S. border patrol Wednesday in Texas stopped Langton, and he was alone and appeared in good health.

Why Langton left Pendleton on Monday remains a mystery. He remains free and not in custody. He is an adult who has committed no crime.

“He didn’t want to talk to anyone,” Roberts said.

Langton was adamant on that, the chief said, and would not talk to his family and refused to answer questions from Pendleton police.

Langton, 29, has been a page designer for the East Oregonian since 2013. He returned Saturday to Pendleton from a vacation in Florida with his family, who live in Michigan.

Pendleton police no longer consider this a missing person case, Roberts said.

Langton’s recent behavior is out of character from the man friends, family and coworkers know.


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