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100 years ago in Grant County

Friday, Oct. 10, 1913

• The county commissioners met here Saturday to consider the report of County Surveyor Vernon Glaze on the proposed new road from Prairie City to Long Creek. The report estimates the cost of the road at...

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Civil War veteran's legacy
Civil War veteran's legacy

A beautifully built and well situated home was built around 1895, in the hills of Ritter, by a Civil War veteran, Henry Harmon Arbogast.

Henry, who moved his family to the region in 1885, homesteaded the land where the family home still stands...

1928 Forest Fire Protection Reduced to a Fine Art

Adapted from the files of the Grant County Historical Museum

The most important task of the forest force is the prevention and suppression of fire. An area of 1,800,000 acres of timberland in Grant...

Blue Bucket Mine story lives on

The following excerpts come from “The True Story of the Blue Bucket Mine, Where it was Found, and Why it was Never Rediscovered,” by Lawrence H. Roba of Canyon City. Roba’s entire story is in the Canyon City Centennial Edition special section of...

Fire destroys Dayville School in 1905, 1922
Fire destroys Dayville School in 1905, 1922

When Dayville was first settled, school was held in the homes with mothers and fathers of the children serving as teachers. The first organized school was held three miles west of Dayville, with Captain John W. Lewis as...

Got a question? Ask a local historian.

What school once had a team that jumped their way into the Oregon state fair? When was the first Grant County Health Fair and why was it started? And you probably know how many times Canyon City burned and was rebuilt,...

Town has scorching history
Town has scorching history

CANYON CITY – The town of Canyon City might not exactly be fireproof, but it has proven it can rise from the ashes of a fire.

But then, with at least three major blazes in its history, it’s had some practice.

Here’s a brief rundown of the...

Former firefighter recalls the way it was
Former firefighter recalls the way it was

MT. VERNON – Vern Mecham served on the Mt. Vernon Volunteer Fire Department for nearly 30 years, beginning in the late 1970s, and served as fire chief for five years.

The crew had a small fire engine when he joined.

“Three rode in front,...

Down memory lane
Down memory lane
Squints and Glances

Thursday, Aug. 10, 1933

Grant County Journal

• Through the efforts of the members of the Civilian Conservation Corps, 1243, stationed at Murderers Creek, the people of Grant County will be able to enjoy a...

Party time at Dixie Summit

Some readers who might have been around Prairie City or the Valley 40 years ago might remember the following incident – in fact, some of you might have been involved. Do you remember?

One afternoon, I was coming over the top of Dixie Summit,...

Squints and glances: Fires in Grant County

Friday, Sept. 11, 1953

• Flames from a burning cow carcass spread into adjoining dry grass last Thursday at the Bob Koble dairy ranch between Mt. Vernon and...