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What a ride

By A.K. Moss

To the Blue Mountain Eagle

Published on August 30, 2017 12:23PM

Last changed on August 30, 2017 12:29PM

She was going through some papers, when something caught her eye.

A small notebook lay open, with words that began to pry

Her curiosity to read them, seemed to overtake her mind.

As unsaid words from her husband lay for her to find.

She sat there for a minute, then silently read,

These words on a paper which simply said…

If I were gone tomorrow, and words I couldn’t say,

I would want them written downs so with these words I pray…

There are a few things I am certain of, in my busy life,

My love of the hunt, friends, family and most of all my wife,

My family who tries to understand and are a special part

Of what I stand for and who I am. They are the passion in my heart.

And my wife whose love and dedication to see me follow through,

In all my quests and medication, she is there in all I do.

It’s not the thrill of the kill, that gives me passion and drive,

It is being free and Mother Nature that makes me come alive.

And to push myself up one more canyon. The taste of mountain air.

My friends who challenge me, along with the stories that we share,

Or to spend a week, maybe two or three among the juniper and pines.

Hear the elk, see the land, it all sends chills up my spine.

I have hunted hard, been bruised and scarred, thoughts have kept me up at night,

I have wept a little, been stuck in the middle, had to challenge wrong and right.

I’ve lived with pride and always tried to be the best I could be,

Yet made mistakes, which raised my stakes in love and family.

And for my friends, when hunting begins, if I am not with you,

Take some time, in the climb to just enjoy the view.

Think of me a moment, laugh with me a while,

Shed a tear if need be, but bring back a smile.

And know that I will be with you as you’re hunting off the road,

I’ll be laughing while you’re cussing as you’re packing out that toad.

So make some more memories, share one or two,

Look forward to the future in all you’re yet to do.

With these words now written here, I will finish my life,

With days, weeks or years yet to come, I will share them with my wife,

And friends that I treasure, memories we have yet to make,

I will live my life to the fullest, whatever route it’ll take.

And when they come to call me up, I can say with pride,

Thank you God for my life, ’Cause Man What a Ride!


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