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Letter: Keep kids from using pot

To the Editor:

Encourage teens to stay away from pot. Just because it has become legal doesn’t make it right or smart to use it. Its effect to children and teens brain development is damaging even when used occasionally.

Teens who...

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Letter: Election kudos

To the Editor:

The Grant County Democrats had the opportunity of being election protection monitors Nov. 4.  It was a pleasure for our team to be coached by our very ethical county clerk, Brenda Percy. We observed every part of the...

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To the Editor:

In last week’s election, the vote on Measure 90 fell short of our goal to create a fully inclusive election system in Oregon. Thirty-two percent voted in favor of the nonpartisan reform, the same percentage of voters who...

Letter: Time to tap our resources

To the Editor:

Oregon is a rich state, or was. Oregon has ore reserves estimated at 5 billion tons (http://bit.ly/1GIjBKh) and forests that are currently estimated to be producing a sustainable forest growth of between 6 to 8 billion board feet...

Letter: In thanksgiving and unity

To the Editor:

I’m excited to write on behalf of myself and the John Day Ministerial Association to let you know of a special Thanksgiving Unity Service being planned for 6 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 16.

We have chosen a “neutral...

Letter: Marijuana is not food

To the Editor:

Where in the devil is this marijuana going, and when are the brakes going to be applied to all of this foolishness?

I just read in the Bend Bulletin that some woman in Seattle is now putting together a syrup with marijuana...

Letter: Protect kids; no on 91

To the Editor:

Hey, Dad. Hey, Mom. Hey, Grandpa and Grandma. How might you feel if your son or daughter or grandkids wind up in the emergency room from pigging out on brownies or candy or gum or cookies or soft drinks or, for that matter, milk...

Letter: Cast your vote

To the Editor:

Over many election cycles, I’ve listened to conservatives who didn’t cast a ballot complain, “My vote doesn’t count so why bother?”

Here’s why:

Four years ago, Chris Dudley...

Letter: Town hunting is lazy

To the Editor:

Here we go again, hunting seasons galore. Here we go again, being awakened early in the morning by mighty hunters who are too lazy to drive out of town. Sure, town hunting is convenient. Just rattle a Cheetos bag and the critters...