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Letter: Re-elect Glenn Palmer as Grant County sheriff
Writer says re-elect Glenn Palmer for sheriff of Grant County.

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Letter: Sheriff choice is simple
Writer says sheriff vote comes down to republic versus oligarchy.
Letter: Which direction for sheriff?
Writer says learn the facts before voting for sheriff.
Letter: Vote no on 97, give directly to school
Writer says vote no on Measure 97.
Letter: Just sayin’
Writer says Scripture contains wisdom.
Letter: Vote for McKinley for sheriff
Writer says election rhetoric is dividing the county and country.
Letter: Where’s the debate?
Writer asks why sheriff candidates are not debating this election cycle.
Letter: ‘How does one tell the difference between a good patriot and suspect ones?’
Writer says questions were ignored at presentation about patriots.
Letter: Something’s in the air in Grant County
Writer says irrational thinking has grown.
Letter: ‘Serve and protect without prejudice or favoritism’
Writer says vote for Todd McKinley for sheriff.
Letter: Vote for Hillary
Writer says vote for Hillary Clinton for president.
Letter: Inept agencies and reckless spending
Writer says it's time to do something about ineptness of government agencies.
Letter: ‘God bless Glenn and Roseann!’
Writer says Glenn Palmer answers the call when she's in need.
Letter: Palmer not performing duties in sheriff job description
Writer says sheriff is not performing duties in job description.
Letter: Unacceptable campaign behavior
Writer says vicious election rhetoric harms communities.
Letter: ‘Should we fear avowed protesters within our county?’
Writer says comparisons that aren't "apples to apples" are propaganda.
Letter: Measure 97 ‘bad for business, bad for Oregon’
Writer says vote no on Measure 97.
Letter: The coming election
Writer says resources are an important topic to consider during election.
Letter: Let out-of-state corporations pay fair share with yes on 97
Writer says Measure 97 would benefit Oregonians.
Letter: Sheriff Palmer has integrity
Writer says Sheriff Palmer stands against abuses of self-serving government.
Letter: ‘Vote Todd McKinley for sheriff’
Writer says sheriff candidate Todd McKinley is a professional law enforcement officer.
Letter: Do courts care when the people speak?
Writer says officials are not representing residents' interests.
Letter: Hospital earns thumbs up
Writer says hospital provides "maximum care."
Letter: Despite my name on ad, I do not support Sheriff Palmer
Writer says ad supporting Sheriff Palmer improperly included his name.
Letter: State laws should apply statewide
Writer says Sheriff Palmer makes her uncomfortable to travel to Grant County.
Enough with the garbage
Letter to the editor from Jan Lowry
Letter: ‘The media has painted me as the Annie Oakley of the geriatric hordes’
Writer says media has skewed agenda.
Letter: Constitutional sheriff pleads Fifth Amendment 51 times
Writer questions Sheriff Glenn Palmer's pleading of the Fifth Amendment.
Letter: Sheriff has ‘created a variety of messes’
Writer says sheriff has changed.
Letter: ‘2 pit bulls attack woman walking her dog’
Writer says newspaper coverage was unfair.
Letter: The Malheur refuge protest trial
Writer says judge's restrictions make it difficult for defendants to present their defense.