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Letter: Blue Mountains Forest Partners a private nonprofit

To the Editor:

John George’s recent criticism (April 5) of the Blue Mountains Forest Partners reflects a deep misunderstanding of 501(c)(3) organizations and BMFP.

BMFP is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization – a private...

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Letter: ‘Monumental’ library repairs look great

To the Editor:

The Grant County Library is just finishing a huge project. After a leaking roof damaged parts of the building this winter, most of the flooring needed to be replaced. That meant every item in the collection needed to be moved at...

Letter: Kindness from strangers brings me to tears

To the Editor:

On March 21, my husband and I had gone to the Snaffle Bit restaurant for dinner. It was our anniversary, which in itself is special to us. But this year it turned into something extra special and meaningful. As it turned out,...