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Do not take away one’s self-respect
Cheryl Neault directs her letter to Grant County's paole and probation department

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Upset about wildfire protection
Darlene Forrest expresses her opinion about fighting wildfires
Asian doves an invasive nuisance
Nancy Randleas weighs in on Asian doves
Are our city ordinances legally supportable?

To the Editor:

I am going to build a three-story, 40 X 50 foot dove cote for the invasive Asian dove right here in Canyon City, blocking your view and probably altering the wind currents down the valley. What do you mean, I have to follow a city...

Stall & Ignore, the new US Forest Service tactic
John George writes about a 'new Forest Service tactic'
If my house catches on fire...
Richie Colbeth writes that it's time to change siren usage
Letter: Applause for 1862 Celebration

To the Editor:

I applaud the people of Canyon City at this year’s 1862 celebration. What a great way to honor the past through those lying in the cemeteries!

I remember Blanche Hicks was involved in my Sunday School class at St.

Letter: Trails group appreciates response

To the Editor:

The Grant County Chapter (GCC) of COTA (Central Oregon Trail Alliance) greatly appreciates all public responses and takes all concerns seriously in regards to building and maintaining

multi-use, purpose built, single-track...