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Letter: Public demands a meeting with the FS
Herb Brusman writes about the firewood program "mess" on the Malheur Forest.

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Letter: Pick up at school

To the Editor:

I have lived in the Grant County area for the past three years. In these years I frequently visited Prairie City, and I must say I’m concerned about some things I see at the Prairie City School.

Without fail, when I...

Letter: Stand up on road issues

To the Editor:

“One of the big misconceptions is that this is a travel management plan and we are closing roads and trails. A forest plan does not close roads and trails. It is as simple as that,” said Jodi Kramer, Wallowa-Whitman...

Letter: Remove deadfall

To the Editor:

When is the Forest Service going to get busy and remove the deadwood from the forests they manage?

Dead trees left standing in the forest are fuel waiting for a fire. Fallen juniper does the same thing. Why are they falling...

Letter: Public silenced?

To the Editor:

Aug. 15, 2014, was truly a sad day, as it was the day the U.S .Forest Service leadership attempted to kill the voice of the people of Eastern Oregon.

Through all of the “your comments are wanted” and “we...