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Letter: You don’t fight guns with new regulations

To the Editor:

Sometimes the solutions to a problem are the simplest ones and the least expensive ones. Banning guns in public places like schools leaves it wide open for an invasion or massacre.

If the teachers and employees of schools...

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Letter: Funds are tight, jobs are few

To the Editor:

In regards to the low return rate of the city of John Day survey, I think it’s due in part because of the four recent businesses that are about to go out of business and also the city wanting to expand to bring in more...

Letter: Participate in the upcoming objection process

To the Editor:

In the next few months, we anticipate the release of the Blue Mountains Forest Plan Revision (BMFPR). This revision by the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) is a rewrite of the 1990 Forest Plan that currently sets policy for management...

Letter: Sign advertises by appearance

To the Editor:

Litter and trash alongside the John Day Taxi portion of “Adopt-A-Highway” could not have been cleaned up four times as Richie Colbeth claims. There is cardboard, seat cushions and a venetian blind that has been...