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Letter: A real champ!

To the Editor:

We would like to express our appreciation for Trevor Knowles. For the past 11 years, Trevor has put the city of Mt. Vernon and Grant County in the news by participating in the Rodeo National Finals in Las Vegas in the bull-dogging...

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Letter: A great hoops job

To the Editor:

I happened to listen to the radio today and heard the interview I did about the Elks Hoop Shoot.

I want to apologize to Paul Smith for my poor choice of words in stating it was “dumped” on me. Paul spent over...

Letter: Speak out for access to forests

To the Editor:

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack refuses to address local concerns and needs.

As the people of Eastern Oregon continue to speak out on the Travel Management Plan (i.e. road closures) and the Blue Mountains Forest Plan...

Letter: Ranchers: Protect your animals

To the Editor:

For the most part, ranchers take pride in caring for their animals. They work long, hard hours, in all kinds of weather, in order to provide for these precious critters who have been put in our care. It is a great responsibility.

Letter: The spiritual side of hospice

Late fall is again upon us, as nature prepares for a winter slumber, and November – harking back to the medieval European traditions – is National Hospice and Palliative Care Month.

While originally hospice was a place to rest for...

Letter: Fire help lauded

To the Editor:

When we had a fire in our shop Saturday, Nov. 15, local firefighters came to our aid. We want the community to know how much we appreciate all of our fire departments for their efforts.

Paul and Connie Smith