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Letter: Wood use has increased
Letter to the Editor from Dave Traylor

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Letter: Keep our kids, community safe

To the Editor:

I confess, I have not been one to make it to many city council meetings in Prairie City since I moved here, but having been made aware of the upcoming decision on recreational marijuana sales in our little town, this is no time to...

Issues need to be addressed
Nicky Sprauve's letter to the editor.
Follow up thoughts
Al Olson Letter to the Editor
Quick action on fire appreciated
Roger and Meredith Ediger Letter to the Editor
Questioning the use of funds
Letter to the Editor by Donald Shultz
Letter: Fly-In cancel benefits no one

To the Editor:

I fail to see the logic in canceling Grant County Regional Airport’s annual Air Search Fly-In scheduled for Sept. 12 in “respect for the victims of the recent Canyon Mountain Complex fires.”


Letter: Preserving forest for fire fuel

To the Editor:

One of the many excuses to restrict use of our public lands by the Wallowa-Whitman and Malheur National forests is that we need to “preserve” our forest for the next generation. The only problem is, the Forest...