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Letter: Dems should take new approach

To the Editor:

I want to congratulate Rep. Tobias Read on his appointment as Speaker of the Oregon House. I hope that as he assumes this new responsibility, he will lead his Democrat colleagues in a direction of common sense, fiscal...

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Letter: Elected officials have personal agenda

To the Editor

I finally concluded recently (too late it seems) that a large number of Grant County elected officials come on board with their own personal agenda. This agenda is first served – law of personal survival. If the agenda would...

Letter: Forest Service, make a New Year’s resolution

To the Editor:

Forest Service, please note.

The current 10-year forest initiative to reduce overstocking in our forests is going way too far in removing the future of our forests. I don’t know who is directly responsible for...

Letter: ODFW and wildlife management

To the Editor:

Here we go again! The ODFW always blames bad habitat for a decline of a species. Now it is the greater sage grouse. They say too many juniper, magpies, ravens, skunks, coyotes, and badgers just to name a few. They all love eggs!...

Letter: State gets D+ for trapping practices

To the Editor:

In the recent article “Keep your dog safe during trapping season” (Dec. 23, 2014 Blue Mountain Eagle), even the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife warns of the danger and indiscriminate nature of wildlife traps,...

Letter: Equal opportunity for all?

To the Editor:

I can think of very few things more healthy and wholesome than bicycling. Especially bicycling that takes the bikers off crowded, shoulder-less highways.

I was, therefore, disappointed to read that our County Court abruptly...

Letter: More kudos for driver

To the Editor:

This is reinforcement to Bob Watt’s applause last week for Oak Harbor Freight driver Ernie Hopper. For 10 years, Oak Harbor and Ernie have transported, free of charge, the hundreds of shoeboxes assembled by Grant County...