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Canyon City City Council 02-16-16

Canyon City City Council minutes for Feb. 9, 2016.

Published on March 16, 2016 1:57PM

Town of Canyon City

Regular Council Meeting

February 16, 2016

Community Hall 5:30 pm

Present were: Mayor Steve Fischer, Council President Jim Johnston, Councilors Don Mooney, and Diane Blake, City Recorder Corry Rider, Public Works Superintendent Les Percy, Public Judy Kerr

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Steve Fischer at 5:31 PM.

Don made a motion to approve the minutes with a spelling correction, Diane seconded and the motion carried all in favor.

Water Ordinance / Owner Responsibility

Steve explained that after having a conversation with Corry it is more difficult to implement a change than just tweaking a couple of lines. We have an Ordinance as well as policy and several questions as to how we would implement this change. The other consideration is that our utility accounts are in good shape since we put our policy into effect. After some discussion it was agreed to table the issue.

JD Water/Sewer Agreements

The meeting with the John Day Public Works Committee is scheduled for Monday February 22nd at the John Day council chambers at 5:30 pm. Jason, Don, Steve, Les and Corry will attend in hopes of negotiating terms that may be more fair to the residents of Canyon City for both emergency water and sewer treatment.

Ethics Reporting

The Ethics reporting will all be done online this year. Corry has populated the database and everyone should have received an email with their specific code. Follow the link and setup your personal accounts user name and password. A separate email will be sent later letting you know you can complete the form.

Council & Staff Reports

Les explained that Prairie City High School would like our old storage container since we no longer need it. They are popular and have value. The Council agreed that since it was for a school they would sell it for $1000.00. Les had talked to Jason at Soil & Water about juniper removal and there are some resources available. A logger talked to Les again about our water shed and given the lack of trees and debris that would be left it would not be worth doing. Les told the council that the fire had melted a plastic culvert in the water shed and we had to have an excavator come in and undam the runoff.

Diane asked about Box R and what they do for us. They are the water analysis lab we use.

The flood prevention work is ongoing and looking fairly good. Jim commented that he had found and repaired his leak.


Don made a motion to pay the bills, Diane seconded and the motion carried all in favor.


The meeting was adjourned.

Steve Fischer, Mayor

Corry Rider, City Recorder


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