Black Friday is a paid holiday for most state workers

The day after Thanksgiving has been a paid holiday for Oregon state employees since 2015, when it was negotiated as part of the state's collective bargaining agreement.

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SALEM — Want to get an errand done at the DMV or check out the Capitol Christmas tree this Friday?

You’re out of luck.

The Friday after Thanksgiving is considered a holiday for state workers. The Capitol and executive branch agencies will be closed, and many state employees get a paid vacation day.

The day after Thanksgiving was an unpaid furlough day in the 2009-2011 budget biennium, when the state had a budget shortfall, according to Amy Williams, a spokeswoman for the Department of Administrative Services.

Prior to that, it was a regular working day.

It’s been a paid holiday for state employees since 2015, when it was negotiated as part of the state’s collective bargaining agreement.

Pay for employees who have to work the day after Thanksgiving depends on the agency, Williams said in an email to the EO / Pamplin Capital Bureau on Monday.

Employees exempt from double-time pay on holidays include Oregon State Police, certain corrections employees and the Portland Air National Guard, among others.

“For 24/7 operations like the State Police, they don’t have normal holidays like the rest of us but are given additional vacation time to make up for it so being double-paid doesn’t apply,” Williams said. “If a non-24/7 agency had an employee who needed to work on the holiday, that person could do so after receiving his/her manager’s permission and then would be paid double-time for any work done on that day.”

In a survey of 2017 holiday closures by the Society for Human Resource Management, 75 percent of organizations — including public sector employers — surveyed said their offices were closed the day after Thanksgiving.

Oregon’s not the only state to give its employees the day off, either: California and Washington are among other states who designate a statewide holiday this Friday.

Federal employees don’t get a paid holiday on the Friday after Thanksgiving, though, according to the federal Office of Personnel Management.

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