Oregon ballot

Oregon ballot.

Shemia Fagan has now raised more than $500,000 — $100,000 more than her two Democratic rivals combined this year — in her race for Oregon secretary of state in the May 19 primary.

Of the $200,000 she has raised recently, virtually all has come from public employee unions or allied groups.

Mark Hass has spent about $30,000 more than Fagan this year, mostly because he raised $200,000 last year. Jamie McLeod-Skinner continues to rely on small contributions.

Fagan, a state senator from Happy Valley, has now raised $530,000, according to reports filed with the state Elections Division by May 11. She got into the race just before the March 10 filing deadline, after Jennifer Williamson of Portland, a former House majority leader, dropped out. Fagan became the recipient of union support that would have gone to Williamson.

Among Fagan’s recent contributors:

• American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees national union, $75,000, and $60,000 more from Council 75 in Portland, which gave her $30,000 previously

• National Education Association fund, $25,000

• Oregon State Firefighters Council and Portland Metro Firefighters Association, $5,000 each.

• Oregonians for Ballot Access, a coalition of labor, environmental and pro-abortion rights groups, $20,000 non-cash contribution

• Others: Political action committees of Oregon PERS Retirees, $3,000, and the Sheet Metal Contractors Association, $1,000

Fagan has spent more than $300,000.

Hass, a state senator from Beaverton, has raised about $260,000 this year and spent almost $350,000.

Among his recent contributors:

• Richard Roy, codirector of Center for Earth Leadership, $25,000, in addition to $25,000 earlier

• Oregon Realtors PAC, $25,000

• Others: Cable Operators PAC, Oregon Business & Industry Candidate PAC, and Portland businessman Peter Brix, $5,000 each; Comcast and Davis Wright Tremaine Client PAC, $2,500 each, and Alliance PAC (Portland Business Alliance) and Kroger, $2,000 each

Fagan was one of just five Democrats in the Senate to vote against a 2019 bill paring some public-pension benefits. Hass voted for it. Public employee unions have vowed not to support any Democrat who voted for Senate Bill 1049, which became law, though parts of it are being challenged in court.

McLeod-Skinner, a lawyer from Terrebonne and the 2018 Democratic nominee for the 2nd District congressional seat, has raised about $160,000 this year. She has transferred money from her previous campaign, and the political action committee of outgoing state Rep. Alissa Keny-Guyer of Portland contributed $5,000.

McLeod-Skinner said she is not taking corporate contributions.


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