Kimberly Lindsay

Grant County Public Health Administrator Kimberly Lindsay during a session of County Court.

Grant County reported another positive COVID-19 case Tuesday, according to a press release from the health department.

The health department has reported a total of 163 cases, including five since last Wednesday.

Grant County Public Health Administrator Kimberly Lindsay said the number of people being hospitalized due to COVID-19 in the county’s Region 7 is at 62 as of Monday. She said eight people with COVID-19 were in intensive care units.

“After a brief downward trend,” she said, “COVID-19 hospitalizations are again trending upward, with numbers of hospitalized COVID-19 patients nearing previous record highs.”

Rebekah Rand, Blue Mountain Hospital District director of emergency medical services, said the hospital received word from the state they will likely receive some doses of a Moderna vaccine, which was recently approved by the FDA.

“We have continued to actively participate in the OHA process, and it has been communicated that BMHD will most likely receive Moderna, but have not been given an (estimated time of arrival) as of yet,” Rand said.

According to Lindsay, Grant County would not be receiving any of Pfizer’s first vaccines that arrived last week.

She said that only the larger hospitals with cold storage freezer units will receive the initial Pfizer vaccines.

According to OHA, they will prioritize people who are most at risk and hardest hit. Frontline health care workers will receive the first vaccinations, focusing on staff exposed to the virus in their work. Residents and staff in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities also will be among the first vaccinated.

OHA notes the vaccine won’t end the pandemic, but vaccination will. Everyone must be vaccinated to achieve community immunity, according to OHA.

According to OHA, it joined with California, Washington and Nevada to provide the fourth level of scrutiny with a scientific safety review committee to review trial data to ensure that the vaccines will be safe and effective.



Steven Mitchell is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. Contact him at or 541-575-0710.

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