Stephanie LeQuieu

Stephanie LeQuieu, Grant County rural venture catalyst with Oregon RAIN, during Wednesday’s County Court session. LeQuieu said the state of Oregon’s COVID-19 Emergency Grant for small businesses is for those businesses that have not received federal emergency assistance under the CARES Act or other federal programs.

Small businesses in Grant County will be able to apply for grant money July 6.

Stephanie LeQuieu, Grant County rural venture catalyst with Oregon RAIN, said the state of Oregon’s COVID-19 Emergency Grant is for small businesses that were adversely impacted by economic conditions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic that have not received federal emergency assistance under the federal CARES Act or other federal programs to date, which include the Payroll Protection Program and the Economic Injury Disaster Loan.

LeQuieu said she is hopeful the county will receive $160,000, but that number could change.

She said the money would be awarded through a lottery system through a yet-to-be-identified impartial, third-party agency to ensure fairness.

According to Business Oregon’s application, eligible small businesses must meet the following conditions:

• A business must have been economically impacted in one of the following two categories: a for-profit or non-profit corporation that could not operate due to the COVID-19 shutdown orders, or a business can demonstrate a one-month decline in revenue more significant than 50% in March 2020 or April 2020 compared to sales in January or February of the same year.

• The business has 25 or fewer employees.

LeQuieu said the preliminary application window will be July 6-12.

Additional application windows may be added, she said, but due to the deadline requirements from the state may limit that.

Documents that may be needed include a 2018 tax return, year-over-year profit and loss documents and an employee identification number.

LeQuieu said the money needs to be disbursed in 45 days.

She said the states’ rigid requirements may leave a lot of other businesses out, especially sole proprietorships and independent contractors.

She said there will be a separate grant businesses can apply for through the county, but she did not release the details.

“We decided to put a separate pot of that same money that has fewer restrictions,” she said. “This makes it a lot easier for these especially sole props, independent contractors to really be able to access very needed funds.”

LeQuieu said anyone who wants more information can reach out to her personally at or 541-965-1598.


Steven Mitchell is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. Contact him at or 541-575-0710.

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