Grant County will immunize people over 80 years old Monday between noon and 2 p.m. in a closed vaccine clinic.

Kimberly Lindsay, the county’s public health administrator, said the health department and Blue Mountain Hospital would be calling roughly 100 people on the county’s wait list to schedule a time for them to receive the vaccine.

Lindsay said the hospital and the health department, in addition to vaccinating seniors 80 and over, are also working to administer second shots to health care and education staffers.

As of Monday, she said, the county expects to have around 110 doses available.

While roughly nine rural counties in Oregon had their vaccine doses reverted to the Portland metro area, Lindsay said in a text message last week the health department became aware of a “previously unidentified” pocket of in-home health providers.

Lindsay said she was able to secure doses for the in-home health workers and that the county expected to receive 100 additional doses.

Lindsay said it is “quite possible” there will not be enough doses for those who are over 80 years old and that she does not know when the county will get another round of shots.

She said if someone has called the hospital or health department and put their name on the wait list, they have nothing more to do than wait to be contacted for their appointment.

How do I get on the wait list?

Lindsay said those looking to get on the vaccine wait list should email

She said that all people need to do is let the health department and hospital staff know they are interested in receiving the vaccine.

From there, she said, people need to provide their name, date of birth, phone number, mailing address and any chronic health conditions. She said they would receive a confirmation email back within 48 hours.

Lindsay said, if it is not possible to email, people can call the health department at 541-575-0429 or Strawberry Wilderness Clinic at 541-575-0404 and ask to be placed on the COVID-19 vaccine wait list.

How can I get a COVID-19 test?

Lindsay said the Grant County Health Department would be administering COVID-19 tests by appointment only starting this week.

She said the county had seen an increase in strep throat, due, in part, she said, to a lower infection rate of COVID-19.

“When we schedule an appointment, if the person tests negative for COVID, we can investigate other causes for the symptoms,” she said.

Grant County has seen one new case of COVID-19 since Jan. 27, bringing the county’s total case count to 215 since the beginning of the pandemic, according to the health department.

According to a Monday health department press release, the 215th case resides in the John Day ZIP code.



Steven Mitchell is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. Contact him at or 541-575-0710.

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